Volvo Announces Four New Safety Systems At 2004 Detroit Show | Part Two

Warning system with brake support and automatic braking

Many rear-end impacts happen when the driver is distracted or fails to react in time. Volvo has developed an advanced new system to constantly monitor the road ahead and automatically alert the driver and apply the brakes to help avoid a collision.

The system uses a radar installation in the front of the car and automatically alerts the driver with a buzzer and warning lamp, if the distance to the vehicle or obstacle in front reduces drastically.

In addition, if the system thinks the driver is not braking hard enough to stop the car in time, the system cuts in and increases the braking pressure to maximise the car's deceleration.

What's more, if the driver does not brake at all, the system automatically activates the brakes4. Even if it is not possible to avoid an accident, the system helps reduce the speed before the collision, thereby lowering the risk of serious consequences.

Inflatable curtain for convertibles

The next generation Volvo convertible will, like the rest of the Volvo range, be able to offer an IC (Inflatable Curtain) as part of Volvo's SIPS (Side Impact Protection System).

Volvo engineers at its award-winning safety centre in Gothenburg have found a solution to fitting the IC to a convertible by fitting it inside the door itself, rather than in the roof like the rest of the Volvo range. In a side impact, the curtain inflates and pushes itself upward within a split second to position itself between the side window and the occupant’s head.

The door-mounted inflatable curtain is designed to work even if the side window is down and deflate slowly during a roll-over accident.

When will these be in production?

"We see these advanced systems as vital in Volvo's ongoing strategy of remaining world leaders in the field of safety," says Lex Kerssemakers, Vice President, global marketing and head of product planning at Volvo Cars.

"These systems will be introduced gradually. We expect to see BLIS in production later in 2004, while the door-mounted inflatable curtain will be introduced in the next generation of Volvo convertibles, but we have not yet decided which cars the other systems will first be seen in or when they will go into production."

Published 8 January 2004 Melanie Carter

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