The New Volvo XC90 Safety and Support Technology (2013)

Volvo's Animal Collision Mitigation System

Volvo's Animal Collision Mitigation System

technology that allows a car to find and park in a vacant space by itself

With the new Volvo XC90 on the horizon we are taking a look at what Volvo are doing to protect both occupants and other road users.

Volvo have already stated that they are committed to their Vision 2020, to ensure that no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car – which has included showcasing its Car 2 Car communication technology – which allows cars to talk to each other and the infrastructure around them – for example it would know that a car is approaching around a blind bend or that the traffic lights were set to red – and if you did not react it would automatically stop the car, if an accident was impending.

Where this is all in future, the all-new Volvo XC90 scheduled for the end of 2014 will be available with the latest passive and active safety technology.

  • Pedestrian Detection in darkness. A detection system with auto brake technology that works in darkness. The technology includes detection and auto brake for other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Road edge and barrier detection with steer assist. A feature that detects if the car is about to drive off the road and autonomously applies steering torque to bring the vehicle back on track. Being able to monitor where the physical road ends is a world first. This means that the technology also works on roads without side markings.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with steer assist. A technology that helps the driver stay in the lane and follow the rhythm of the traffic. The new system automatically follows the vehicle ahead.

Volvo is also working on other technology that includes animal detection, a collision mitigation system that will detect and automatically brakes for animals both in daylight and in the dark.

Where Autonomous Parking is a Volvo concept technology that allows a car to find and park in a vacant space by itself, allowing the driver to leave the vehicle at the entrance to the car park.

Published 5 July 2013 Staff

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