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Volkswagen Bora


Many car buyers are aware that Volkswagens boast class-leading residual values and award winning engines with excellent fuel efficiency - but some may not realise that the company’s parts prices are also highly competitive.

According to figures published in a new Volkswagen Fleet Services booklet - produced with the help of Glass’s Information Services, one of the leading car pricing/information guides - Volkswagen models have some of the lowest priced parts on the market.

The handy guide, designed ostensibly for fleet managers but of equal interest to budget-conscious retail buyers, shows comparative price information for the most popular models in the Volkswagen range. It features a standard basket of parts derived from the ABI’s (Association of British Insurers) Insurance Group rating assessment, as well as from independent data detailing the most common parts replaced following a front or rear impact.

The tables make revealing reading. The Polo S 1.2 65 PS 5dr, for example, has a basket of standard repair parts that is indexed at 88 per cent compared with its rivals, while the new Golf S 1.9 TDI scores with a price index of just 85 per cent. The Bora 1.9 TDI has an even more impressive advantage at 77 per cent - in other words, a collective basket of spares for the Bora will cost around 23 per cent less than the average price across the class.

The message from the booklet is quite clear: a collection of parts from Volkswagen is consistently cheaper than that from competitors, further supporting the value-for-money, low cost of ownership proposition offered by Volkswagen.

Published 12 August 2004 Melanie Carter

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