The New Volkswagen Tiguan | Part Three

Volkswagen Tiguan Prototype

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan Electronics
  • Innovation: First Volkswagen with a new generation radio and navigation system. 
  • Safety at the press of a button: offroad switch activates network of assistance systems.

    Also in the area of electronics, the Tiguan was designed to set new standards in the compact SUV class. Typical of Volkswagen is the high standard it sets for making the interface to the driver as comfortable as possible. An example of this on the Tiguan is a newly designed radio and navigation system generation. The software and hardware of this new system fulfill the highest demands for operation, sound and the multitude of functions offered.

    The RNS 510

    A glance at the top device - a radio navigation system with the designation RNS 510, emphasizes this impressively. The RNS 510 is controlled using fixed menu buttons, two knobs and a touch screen for the numerous information, entertainment and system functions. In this case a rear-view camera eases the view behind, a standard fitting.

    The hardware of the RNS 510 includes a 6.5” wide VGA color display with 800 X 480 pixels and outstanding brilliance. A power PC processor with 400 MHz and its own graphic processor enable fast computing. The navigation and entertainment data are saved on a 30 GB hard disk. It is also possible to incorporate accessories into the RNS 510 like the telephone control, an iPod and other MP3 players. Combination with a Dynaudio sound system is also possible.

    Offroad Navigation

    A further innovation of the RNS 510 is a specially developed offroad navigation system. This mode makes it possible to record up to 500 route points during a journey, even in non-digitized areas. This allows the driver to find his or her way back from offroad adventures into any desert or steppe. In edit mode, the driver can modify the route as desired. A glance at the map in the RNS 510 display offers the required orientation.

    Park Assist

    The further countless high-end technologies on board the Tiguan include the world’s first park steering assistant to be installed in a SUV. This is called Park Assist and enables automatic steering into a parking space.

    Offroad Mode

    The core capability of a SUV - offroad function - will also be dealt with and perfected electronically in the new Tiguan. And this through just one switch, which activates the Offroad Mode. This will be offered exclusively on the Tiguan “Track & Field” and will improve offroad vehicle handling significantly. The initial idea behind the “Offroad Mode” was that all key offroad support functions should be activated by a central user control. Specifically, one switch activates the “hill descent assistant” (for optimal control on slopes), “adaptation of driver’s pedal characteristic” (for finer gradations of torque), “EDS adaptation” (electronic differential locks are activated at the slightest slip), “ABS adaptation” (improved braking action on loose road materials), “hill climb assist” (support when climbing and protection of the clutch) and - in conjunction with automatic transmission - “gear preselect” (including optimal engine braking action). These numerous functions involve up to five ECUs that manage the systems.

    The pushbutton itself is connected to the engine controller. From there, the information “Offroad Mode active” is communicated to other ECUs via the vehicle’s CAN bus. For safety reasons, the function has to be reactivated after each ignition cycle.

    Just how “intelligently” the electronics react is demonstrated by considering an offroad driving situation that is not all that uncommon: An engine stall can even happen to professional drivers offroad. This deactivates the Offroad Mode, and assistance systems are turned off. But the electronics of the Tiguan detects this as a “stall” and when the engine is restarted all offroad assistance systems are up and running again immediately.

    Published 5 June 2007 Melanie Carter

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