Volkswagen e-up! Review (2014)

Volkswagen e-up! (Rear Side View) (2014)

Volkswagen up Review

Volkswagen e-up! ReviewVolkswagen e-up! Road Test

Sometimes electric cars involve a lot of compromise, with bulky battery packs...

Ride and Handling

With its front-mounted motor and its 230 kg battery pack set low down at floor level, the e-up! has good weight distribution and a lower centre of gravity than its fossil-fuelled sibling. Handling is assured and feels pretty reasonable. The ride quality, although on the firm side, is not punishingly hard and absorbs the bumps tolerably well.

Overall the behaviour of this battery pack version of the up! is tidy, competent and fuss-free. It is not the kind of car to throw into the bends or that will get your car enthusiast juices flowing, but it is perfectly pleasant and tidy-mannered to drive.

Disappointingly there is not much feel to the steering, a common characteristic of electric cars. The e-up! responds efficiently to steering inputs, but there is not much feedback to keep you closely informed of where the wheels are pointing.

Ease of Use

Sometimes electric cars involve a lot of compromise, with bulky battery packs encroaching into passenger space or absorbing more of the boot space than you would like. Not so here. With very clever packaging Volkswagen’s engineers have designed the e-up! in such a way that you don’t lose any interior space over the standard model, and boot room is acceptable too.

That said, this is still a small car, at just three and a half metres long and with a 2.4 metre wheelbase, and so interior space is not huge. It is also worth noting that you cannot tow anything behind an electric car, its power source makes it unsuitable for that purpose.

Volkswagen e-up! ReviewVolkswagen e-up! Road Test

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