Smart Cars Get Smarter With Bosch ESP

Smart cars are to be fitted with Bosch Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The intelligent braking system will be fitted as standard, providing extra safety to the Smart City Coupe and Smart Cabrio compact cars.

Using constantly updated information from a multitude of sensors, ESP continuously checks whether the car is actually going in its intended direction, or whether it has lost control, either through excess speed, oversteer or understeer. If any of the latter proves to be the case, the ESP controller intervenes in the engine management programme to cut engine power. If that is not sufficient, ESP applies the brakes independently to one or more wheels with varying force, stabilising the car and reducing the danger of skidding.

The ESP in the Smart models provides greater functionality, previously unheard of in this vehicle class. For example driving uphill in sporadically moving traffic requires an unpopular interplay between hand brake and accelerator pedal. With Bosch ESP, when the driver steps on the brake, automatic braking prevents any backward rolling until the driver accelerates again.

Together with assisted starting, Bosch ESP also provides the traction control system TCS, greatly appreciated by drivers on the slippery roads of wintertime.

Together with the ESP, Bosch is supplying all other brake components for the two Smart models, as well as engine management and a number of sensors. Models with diesel engines are fitted with the Bosch Common Rail fuel injection system, starters and alternators.

Published 28 January 2003 Melanie Carter

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