The Skoda Roomster | Part Two

The entire body appears robust and compact, as if cast from one piece, evoking feelings of solidity and safety. It is designed as a "communicative" vehicle – relaxed, airy and bright. The shapes of the windows with their low bottom edge, the twin sunroofs, and the glass rear doors express flexibility and openness, providing an unlimited view of the outside.

From a bird’s eye point of view, the Roomster is also unusual, as both the form of the sunroofs and the windshield create the shape of an arrow, again creating a very dynamic impression.

The Roomster introduces design elements that may appear on future Škoda vehicles. Well-known Škoda design details, such as the grille with its vertical ribbing, are interpreted in new ways. The Roomster incorporates robust door columns that narrow as they move upwards. As with current Škoda models, the Roomster places great emphasis on the car’s monolithic structure: the entire body appears to be one complete cast; no part detracts from the elegant smooth shape of the compact body; the entire construction feels reliable, solid and safe.

Leading to the interior, the asymmetrical construction is also a new introduction on the Roomster, as it has a rear door on only the passenger side. This door reaches high into the roof, is very wide and has no obstructing doorsill. The large door opening allows very comfortable access to the back seats and is useful especially when loading particularly large objects. The Roomster, therefore, has two different side views: the roofline on the driver’s side is continuous along the entire length of the vehicle, while on the passenger side, it rises in a curve.

The Roomster’s interior space is Tardis-like, with a remarkably generous and flexible interior. With no centre console, front seat passengers have exceptionally good legroom and easy access to the rear seats. The most important innovation in the Roomster is its rear seat space. The rear seats can be moved forward or backwards by 750mm. These moveable seats create an incredibly flexible space: with the seats in the front position, good luggage space is created behind them; moving the seats to the back creates more legroom than in many executive cars. The seats fold, creating carrying capacity equal to many small vans, sufficient to move house if you need to. Interior lighting and ventilation run the length of the car, between the twin sunroofs.

The Roomster was created as a design study, a vision of the future that embraces the changing lifestyles of society. It presents the direction that Škoda Auto would like to follow in the future, not only in overall concept, but also in individual design elements. The Škoda Roomster is a prototype from what is thought of as a traditional brand. A traditional brand, true, in that it offers its customers high-quality and good value; but one that will also present a emotional charge as cars that customers will love, and drive with joy and passion.

Published 20 September 2003 Melanie Carter

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