Skoda's Ultimate Tips For Saving Fuel

Martin Burke from Skoda looks at ways in which drivers can help to save money - and the environment.

“As a nation, we are constantly being hit hard by what seem to be ever-increasing fuel prices, and with growing pressure on us to adopt a ‘greener’ way of living, there are now more reasons than ever to drive smarter in order to conserve fuel.

“Our jobs and day to day lives often demand us to be in numerous places in one day, and travelling by car is often the mode of transport of choice. However, the way we drive can have a dramatic effect on how much fuel we use.

“For example, by driving just a few miles an hour under your average speed can mean you save on fuel without reaching your destination significantly later.  Driving at speeds of over 60 miles an hour greatly increases fuel consumption, so sticking to the speed limit will save you more than just a speeding ticket.”

Safer driving is not the only way to save on fuel. Other tips include:

  • Maintain your car to ensure it gets the best petrol mileage possible. Check your tyres as more fuel is burnt if the pressure is too low or unequal, and change oil and air filters regularly.
  • Turn off your engine where possible, for example, in traffic jams and whilst waiting for someone.
  • Avoid rough roads. Dirt, bumps and gravel can cause a 30 per cent increase in fuel consumption.
  • Do not rev the engine.
  • Avoid accelerating in-between speed bumps.
  • Look into carpooling with fellow employees or friends and take it in turns to take children to school.
  • Avoid using air conditioning, and keep windows closed during high speeds to avoid drag.

“Just by altering our driving habits we can significantly reduce fuel consumption which not only means CO2 emissions are reduced, but we as drivers save money. As a leading manufacturer, Skoda is always looking for ways in which it can react positively to climate change, and we urge drivers to look at how they drive to see if they can be doing more to save fuel consumption.”

Published 2 April 2007 Melanie Carter

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