Skoda Fabia Review (2015)

Skoda Fabia (Rear Side View) (2015)

Skoda Fabia Review

Skoda Fabia ReviewSkoda Fabia Road Test

well-mannered, competently engineered car that drives pleasantly if unexcitingly....

Ride and Handling

This is a well-mannered, competently engineered car that drives pleasantly if unexcitingly. It holds onto the bends competently and without much body lean, and although its responses have been sharpened compared with its immediate predecessor, it doesn’t really feel much of a ‘driver’s car’. For many potential owners, that is not really a drawback, and the knowledge that it is safe, friendly-to-drive family transport will be enough. If some fun behind the wheel is what you are after, though, a Fiesta will deliver a more engaging drive for a bit more outlay.

The Fabia’s ride quality is good, it feels well-damped, supple-sprung and cushioning and will not jostle your passengers unduly.

What's It Like to Live With

The Fabia’s boot is the biggest amongst its supermini peers, with a class-leading 330 litres, which is 15 litres more than the second generation Fabia. It is a similar story when the rear seats are folded away to extend the load space: then a Fabia can accommodate 1,150 litres. The Fabia also has a useful boot accessory, a very practical plastic half-circle luggage strap attached to the side wall, and handy for containing a bag or bottles to keep the contents from lurching sideways and spilling across the floor.

As the Fabia is not quite as dinky as some of its rivals, it has good-sized doors and a largish tailgate that makes loading people and luggage a bit easier than in some rival models. It is fractionally shorter than its predecessor, by 8 mm, but clever packaging has squeezed slightly more space into the cabin.

There was a bit of a budget car feel about some aspects of the previous Fabia. This new one has been spruced up for a slightly more upmarket feel, but the cabin is still not quite as plush as those of some competitive models, and some of the trim quality is still a bit utilitarian. Instrument design is good for clarity, though, and the dash layout is easy to use.

There is nothing to complain about for passenger comfort. For its size, the Fabia contrives to pack in a lot of space. There is room for three adults in the back, and considering that this is a modestly sized car, they won’t feel squeezed for knee space or headroom. Nor is that elbows-out cabin space at the expense of a squeezed boot. This is a very well-packaged car for its size.

Skoda Fabia ReviewSkoda Fabia Road Test

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