Skoda Reminds Customers To Clean Air Conditioning Units

The Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb

As spring has sprung, Skoda is reminding customers nation-wide of its retailers' expertise in cleaning air conditioning systems.

With the warmer weather that spring brings, drivers start to use their air conditioning more. When unused over the winter months the air conditioning units can become contaminated which can cause an unpleasant smell when switched back on. Drivers can be in for a nasty surprise if they haven't used their air-con since last summer!

Skoda is notifying its customers of the symptoms of a contaminated unit that include an unpleasant odour and subtle symptoms that are similar to those of the common cold or hay fever.

In addition, participating dealerships across the country are offering a Skoda treatment that removes the nasty odour-causing bacterial contaminations from air conditioning systems. Unlike off-the-shelf products that simply mask the smell rather than solve the problem, Skoda retailers offer an approved solution that disinfects and cleans the entire air conditioning system, rather than just deodorising, to eliminate the contamination that causes the smell and gets right to the root of the issue. As the treatment is water-based, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-flammable it ensures that the vehicle is completely dry and ready for the customer to drive away immediately without the need to ventilate as is often needed with other treatments.

John Bower, Head of Aftersales at Skoda UK, comments: "Skoda customers have come to expect an exceptional level of service from their retailers and this campaign is another example of the way in which we continue to provide just that. As the manufacturer of happy drivers we're delighted to be able to offer Skoda drivers a solution which makes their driving experience more comfortable."

Skoda recommends regular use of the car's air conditioning all year round as it does a lot more than simply cool the driver and passengers down in summer. It removes moisture from the air helping to demist the windscreen in cold, wet weather and improve the driving visibility. Skoda offers the below general advice to its customers:

• Use the car's air conditioning in hot conditions, not just for comfort but also to reduce the risk of driver fatigue.

• Use the car's air conditioning in cold and/or wet weather to dehumidify the cabin and to keep the windscreen and all windows clear of condensation.

• Use the car's air conditioning regularly throughout the year to keep the system lubricated.

Published 17 April 2009 Staff

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