Renault F1 Team Invites You To 'Feel It' Online


In Renault F1 Team's first ever international ad campaign, launched in May, Formula 1 fans were invited to 'feel it' - that is the human side of racing - the passion, tensions and emotions as felt by the drivers. Now fans are again invited to 'Feel It' but this time online with an enhanced version of the 'Feel It' F1 experience module. , the second most visited team website in Formula 1*, continually strives to present innovative multi-media coverage of Grand Prix racing and now visitors to the site have the chance to take on the role of strategy guru themselves planning pit stops, fuel loads and even reacting to rivals' choices during the race. The site provides an interactive experience for fans providing the opportunity to step into the shoes of Renault F1 Team strategists making top line decisions.

Amongst the new features for the enhanced 'Feel It' site include a strategy calculation module, archived telemetry from previous races and enriched post-race analysis. Deciding on the number of pit stops to make and when to do so is one of the key tasks in Formula 1 and can have a massive impact on race performance. Now all the information you need to make your own calculations is available on-line.

The first feature of 'Feel It''s strategy module is the opportunity to create and compare possible race strategies in two stages - Saturday (for Qualifying) and Sunday (for Race day). You can simulate your choice of fuel load for Saturday, deciding when to make your first stop, and then choose how many stops to make in the race. Perhaps two or perhaps four stops just like Ferrari took in the French Grand Prix in response to the challenge presented by Renault F1 Team - the only team to challenge Ferrari that weekend - following Renault F1 Team driver, Fernando Alonso's pole position.

You can also simulate the potentially race changing decisions faced by key Renault F1 Team decision makers such as whether to make a short second stint between stops or run longer to try and gain track position. According to your choices, the graph of total race time will alter so that you can find the best strategy for your race, and allows you to compare two different options simultaneously.

However during a race, you're often called upon to respond to the challenge offered by your rivals', so you race strategy needs to be as fluid as possible. The pit stop calculator lets you do just that. You can enter the data for how long the other cars racing have stopped, and the calculator will tell you firstly, how many laps they are going to do in their next stint; and secondly, how the Renaults can respond to their moves.

Renault F1 Team is currently the only F1 team to broadcast live telemetry via webcast, and to ensure the site is even more user friendly, this interface has been simplified. Web users can follow the cars of Fernando Alonso and fellow Team driver Jarno Trulli throughout the race, monitoring their progress from two perspectives; that of the driver, seeing the pedal and steering inputs they are making; and that of the engineer, monitoring six different parameters from engine revs to g-forces through corners. This enables visitors to the site to actually feel part of the race itself, getting as close as possible to the action from the comfort of their own home!

The race analysis section features a full interactive lap chart, and charts tracking the continuing evolution of the drivers' lap times throughout the race. Integration with's detailed post race debrief will give users a more detailed insight than ever into what happened during a race, how and why.

The next race in the Grand Prix Championships 2004 for you to test your strategy skills on via 'Feel It', is in Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix on 15th August. The race proved successful for Renault F1 Team last year with Fernando Alonso winning the Grand Prix to become the youngest ever winner of a Grand Prix race so the Team will be looking to repeat their success this year.

Published 5 August 2004 Melanie Carter

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