Check In For Winter At A Peugeot Authorised Repairer

Peugeot 307


  • Battery, wipers, lights, anti-freeze, brakes and tyres all checked for just £19.99
  • Free emergency fuse and bulb kit
  • Available at all Peugeot Authorised Repairers

There’s nothing predictable about the British winter weather - except that it’s entirely unpredictable. The Peugeot Winter Check will, however, make sure that your car is ready for whatever is ahead.

For an all-inclusive price of £19.99, trained Peugeot technicians will check the battery voltage, electrolyte level and alternator charge rate to ensure, no matter how cold and miserable outside, your car will always have the power to start.

In winter months windscreens become dirtier and, with overall visibility also reduced, a clear screen is essential so wiper blade condition is checked, along with the operation and condition of all lights.

As the temperature drops, water freezes - so ensuring engine anti-freeze levels are correct will prevent expensive repair bills.

To ensure a safe journey on slippery road surfaces, tyres and braking systems need to be in good condition. A check of the vehicle’s brake pads, hydraulic hoses and brake callipers will ensure good braking control is available when required. Tyres need a minimum tread depth to operate effectively and a check of this and the overall tyre condition is the final operation.

All customers undertaking the Peugeot Winter Check will also be given a free emergency bulb and fuse kit worth £10.50 and the chance to win one of 10 portable DVD players.

Published 8 October 2004 Melanie Carter

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