Students Prove To Be Responsible Behind The Wheel | Part Three

Keeping it on the road

The average cost of running a car over a year, including petrol, oil and maintenance was estimated at £1,900, although 26% had no idea! 76% of males and 41% of females were confident they could change a wheel, 79% of all respondents claimed they could check and top up the oil, while 12% could carry out a full service. A quarter had suffered at least one breakdown in the past 12 months, and 11% had had more than one breakdown.

Pulling power

One-in-three student drivers thought having a car was advantageous when it came to attracting a partner, although 46% of these were male compared with 17% of female drivers.

Top of the pops

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (43%), Justin Timberlake (36%) and Coldplay (33%) were the favoured artists for music on the move, with White Stripes, Madonna and Ms Dynamite taking the next three slots. ‘Justified’ by Justin Timberlake was the top named CD.


In order to enjoy their favourite tunes, 29% of students have an amplified sound system fitted to their car, 23% have alloy or wide wheels, a slightly worrying 14% have furry dice (!), and 5% personalised number plates.


30% of student drivers had received at least one parking fine – male drivers (39%) being almost twice as likely to receive a parking ticket as their female peers (21%). 17% had incurred a speeding ticket, with males three times as likely to have been guilty than females (26% vs. 8%).

Money no object

If money was no object, 9% would opt for a Porsche, 8% a BMW Z3/Z4/M3, 6% a Jaguar or Mercedes, 4% an Aston Martin, and 3% a Peugeot or Bentley!

Commented Jon Goodman, marketing director of Peugeot: "We have always known that particularly our smaller cars – 106, 206, 306/307 – appealed to the new generation of first time drivers, while also giving much needed reassurance to their parents. But this research has shown that these young drivers are perhaps a lot more responsible than we – and I would suggest adults, generally – have given them credit for in the past."

Published 19 August 2003 Melanie Carter

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