Be Safe, Be Legal - With Peugeot

Be safe, be legal - with Peugeot's integrated remote control and voice activated telematics system


  • Driving without your "hands free" from 1 December could cost up to a £1,000
  • Peugeot provides integrated remotely controlled and voice activated telematics system
  • Peugeot brings hi-tech safe communications to the ‘man in the street’
  • Electronic voice automatically reads SMS text messages whilst on the move
With new legislation on the use of mobile phones whilst driving coming into effect on 1 December, it will now become an offence to operate a hand held mobile phone whilst driving – including when stationary in traffic. The police will have the power to impose an on-the-spot fine of £30, plus three penalty points, or up to £1,000 if the case goes to court. In the case of company car drivers, it is not the driver but the company that could be prosecuted if a legal hands free kit is not installed.

To help drivers keep safe, and to avoid a possible penalty, Peugeot’s telematics system – RT3 – available across many of its cars and LCVs including 206, 307 and 807 provides a perfect solution. Peugeot has developed a ‘radio unit’ combining in the same unit, a radio, CD player, navigation system and GSM dual-band mobile telephone (900 and 1800 MHz). This solution provides a cost effective answer to the need for the modern driver to communicate, be directed and be entertained without the need to purchase three individual electronic units with the associated costs.

The telephone has all the features of a standard dual band GSM mobile. A microphone built into the roof console enables the driver to talk to his caller and the caller’s voice is then heard via the radio speakers.

Text messaging on the move

As well as solving the problem of ‘communicating on the move’, and with text messaging becoming increasingly popular, Peugeot’s RT3 system even removes the temptation to manually read text messages. Its voice synthesis function enables SMS text messages received via the telephone to be read out electronically for the driver to hear. This could be particularly useful for the delivery driver on the move in his 206 van fitted with the RT3 system.

Additional functions

The system also combines other useful functions, such as a "one touch" connection to Emergency Assistance and Peugeot’s Customer Care helpline.

The system can be operated either by a steering column control, or via voice-activation. The voice command is activated by a short press on the button on the end of the lighting stalk; a ‘beep’ then indicates that the RT3 is ready to receive voice commands.

Jon Goodman, marketing director at Peugeot says: "With the RT3 system we have developed a safe and cost-effective solution to provide drivers with what they want and need to communicate on the move and keep on the right side of the law. The system is easy to use, and will continue to be developed with further useful functions as driving continues to become ever more sophisticated."

Peugeot’s RT3 system is available from £915 (including VAT) with a monochrome screen, and £1,350 (including VAT) for the colour option.

So if you need to communicate whilst driving, can you afford not to drive a Peugeot?

Published 13 November 2003 Melanie Carter

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