The First UK Peugeot iOn Delivered To EDF Energy

Peugeot iOn

Peugeot iOn

The first Peugeot iOn car in the UK, the company's latest generation electric car, has been sold and delivered to EDF Energy, Britain's largest producer of low carbon electricity, for use in its fleet including testing recharging solutions.

It is also the first vehicle to qualify under the Government's OLEV scheme. Recently, the Government announced a £5,000 OLEV grant to support the introduction of electric vehicles which came into force this month.

Eric Salomon, Energy Field Services Director at EDF Energy, said: "We are delighted to add the first Peugeot iOn in the UK to our fleet. It fits in perfectly with our ambitions to provide low carbon solutions.

"EDF Energy, Britain's largest producer of low-carbon electricity, fully supports the development of electric vehicles and believes the take-up of clean, electric transport to be crucial to Britain meeting its carbon reduction targets. This is why we are playing a leading role in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

"Sustainability is at the heart of EDF Energy and initiatives like this will help us meet the targets set when we announced our Sustainability Commitments, one of the biggest packages of environmental and social measures announced by any British energy company."

EDF Energy is engaged in a wide range of activities within the electric vehicle market which helps to position it as a market leader for recharging solutions and the supplier of choice for customers with electric vehicles, including battery electric vehicles, plug in hybrids and range extended vehicles. The promotion and uptake of electric vehicles within the UK helps EDF Energy also gain an understanding of customers' recharging requirements.

The Peugeot iOn is one of the first of the latest generation four-seat urban electric cars to go on sale in the UK this month. It has a potential range of 93 miles and can be recharged from a standard domestic plug in around six hours, or via a quick charger in under an hour. It is the ever-increasing fossil fuel costs and the need to reduce CO2 emissions which has made electric cars a viable modern alternative option for "urban" transport.

The Peugeot iOn is available in the UK via an "all-inclusive" mobility offer consisting of a four year 40,000 mile contract, with a monthly payment of £415 excluding VAT, which includes:

  • The lease of the vehicle (battery pack considered part of the vehicle)
  • Full warranty cover for the vehicle, battery and electric power train for the period of the lease
  • Full servicing and full maintenance for four years and 40,000 miles
  • Peugeot Connect Services (available April 2011)

At the end of the first four year period, all the benefits are available for a further four years and 40,000 miles, at a reduced monthly amount, giving a further four years of worry free motoring.

With average running costs estimated at £1.72 per 93 miles, the energy bill of the Peugeot iOn is unbeatable regardless of which recharging mode is used. Carried out overnight or during "off-peak hours", recharging costs can be reduced further and help optimise the use of available low carbon power produced by the electricity supply companies.

As a 100% electric vehicle, it also benefits from a range of further cost savings over a conventional internal combustion engined vehicle:

  • No petrol or diesel costs - potential saving of £1765.05 per year
  • No Congestion Charge (where applicable) - savings of £1696 annual charge for London
  • No Parking charges (where applicable, e.g. City of Westminster) - potential saving of £1939 per year - £10 x 230 days of parking, less admin fee

Total potential annual saving - £5400.05 by operating an electric vehicle over a conventional internal combustion powered car.

Published 27 January 2011 Staff

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