Primera Goes Onto Further Education | Part Three

The Nissan Primera

Nissan Primera

But the Primera’s party trick is no longer the rear view camera, even with its newly added colour. Instead it’s the new ‘Fine Vision’ instruments. Turn on the ignition and these gauges fade in over two seconds in a carefully orchestrated pointers first, then numbers then LEDs manoeuvre. Turn the ignition off and they fade out in the reverse order. It’s not all show because they’re easier to read for which thank amber, this season’s new red when it comes to instruments. And if you drive the top spec Primera T-spec, you won’t have to leave your leathered driving seat to check the tyres’ pressure. It’s shown on the dashboard screen.

No change for the engine line-up but Nissan’s Cranfield based engineers have fine-tuned the Primera’s chassis. On the comfort side, they say they have reduced harshness and pitch plus improved the car’s ride particularly on uneven surfaces. And in terms of handling, they claim the latest Primera will be even more stable at high speeds and during quick lane changes. The steering should feel sharper and more responsive with reduced delay. And Nissan engineers don’t usually lie.

The keener among you will be wondering why no mention of any exterior changes yet. Usually there are lashings more chrome, smoking lenses and chunkified bumpers to boast about in a model revision. Not this time. With the exception of a couple of new colours developed at Nissan’s London based colour studio, the Primera’s exterior hasn’t been touched. Well, how would you change such a sharp design without massive plastic surgery? Nissan thought that too cruel, unnecessary and harmful to residual values. So sorry, not even an additional spoke on the alloy wheels to mention. Which is just as well really as many a handsome car has been ruined by a meddlesome marketing department intent on design destruction.

Getting back to the showroom, do we need to mention the new headlining material shared with the 350Z? Or the satin chrome finishing for the dashboard switchgear, ventilation grilles and door pulls? No, not really. It’s the overall effect customers will notice and lead them to request a brochure and price list. There a nice surprise will greet them with the expanded and better-equipped line-up, not to mention the prices. Which we won’t till nearer the launch date. For now, just admire the flocking.

Published 12 May 2004 Melanie Carter

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