David Lynch Speaks Micra | Part Two

David Lynch said: "There is a lot of experimentation in the shooting, so we have many pieces to fit together. Plus, we are building things in 3D for this commercial. [For example] the lips have got to be isolated and finessed. "

Chris Garbutt, Creative Director, TBWA/G1 Europe commented: "Lynch and Escoffier used a wide range of machinery and equipment to get the desired effect – from a helicopter, to another car, even a parachute to reflect light from the helicopter to the Micra. All this while fireworks were detonating under the Micra’s wheels. They also shot a lot of elements in different areas which have been blended together in 3D during post production. This commercial is like the new Micra car: a mixing of such different elements."

The way in which David Lynch filmed the car is in a way reminiscent of the way he shot women in Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive: with mystery, sensuality and with a sense of the bizarre.

Chris Garbutt, bad, mad, uad: "In a shot going down from the top of a building, Lynch introduced a woman character with red hair looking out of a window. It's these details that inspire a similar, cool emotion to Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive."

So, it’s time to speak Micra…

Spafe (spontaneous + safe)

Simpology (simple + technology)

Smig (small + big)

Aggrendly (aggressive + friendly)

Thractical (thrilling + practical)

Luxurable (luxurious + affordable)

Compacious (compact + spacious)

The new Micra campaign will be launched all over Europe, in up to 30 countries, from January 2003. It will cover all media: TV, outdoors, radio, and internet. It goes on sale from 15 January.

Published 8 January 2003 Melanie Carter

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