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Nissan’s new Micra C+C Coupe and Convertible, on sale 14 November, will be the first car in its class to have a music system that automatically maintains top sound quality whether the roof is up or down to let the rhythm move you.

The six-speaker system, fitted to all Micra C+Cs, changes its equalisation settings to suit the different cabin environments. There are two settings, roof up or roof down, which automatically alternate as the top is operated via a signal from a control unit. Guys grab a girl, don’t wait, make a whirl.

The interior sound characteristic of every car is different due to the cabin area, upholstery, seats and speaker positions. And the cabin area changes dramatically of course when the roof is lowered. The sound emitted from the speakers is then either absorbed or reflected depending on what any obstructions are made from - for example, the seats absorb sound whilst the windscreen reflects it. All this interference pollutes the noise eventually heard by the occupants. It’s gonna make you sweat.

But the Micra C+C uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to tune the volume of each frequency to overcome distortions and produce a faithful reproduction of the original tune. And when the C+C’s roof is lowered, a 22 second operation, the DSP adjusts itself accordingly. Hands in the air, come on say yeah.

Every Micra C+C has the system fitted as standard - even the entry £13,150 1.4 URBIS. It includes a CD/radio, six speakers, a 6.5" woofer with a separate tweeter in each door, plus a sub-woofer with two outputs located behind the rear seats. Different types of music and personal tastes demand different acoustic settings. So three other manual adjustments can be made via the CD/radio head unit to allow the listener to decide what’s best - Enhance, Acoustic or Live.

  • Enhance suits rock music by increasing the bass notes.
  • Acoustic has a phase adjustment that tricks the driver’s ears into believing they are sitting squarely between the front seats. It’s best for classical music or talk radio.
  • Live increases both the bass and phase adjustment enhancing the enjoyment of heavier classical or dance music.

The top-of-the-range £14,995 1.6 ESSENZA also comes with an in-dash 6 CD autochanger. Let the music take control.

The roof down compensating sound system isn’t the only unique-in-class feature of the Micra C+C. Other things to make you go hmmm include C-VIEW, a glass/metal roof, and the Auto-Open Roof system which allows the top to be opened without any fiddling with windscreen mounted handles.

Everybody dance now.

Published 29 September 2005 Melanie Carter

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