Yokohama's '.Drive' Range Of Tyres Offers Something For Everyone

The addition of the recently-launched tyre from Japanese manufacturer Yokohama means that the three-strong ‘.drive’ range now offers something for everyone when it comes to choosing tyres. The, and tyres are the culmination of Yokohama’s experience and expertise at developing tyres for car manufacturers, for the replacement and aftermarkets and, of course, for motorsport.

The complete ‘.drive’ range blends safety and durability in equal measure but each of the three tyres has been developed specifically for one particular sector of the motoring market. The, for example, is intended as an all-rounder with the emphasis on safety, primarily for compact cars and smaller hatchbacks.

The’s triple central grooves have been designed to disperse water quickly and effectively for exceptional wet weather grip and these are further supplemented by grooves and sipes on the inner and outer shoulders of the tread pattern. The tread blocks have also been designed to provide excellent grip and performance in the dry, while the pitch variation helps to keep tyre noise as low as possible. The develops a ‘long-thin’ contact patch with the road, which tests have shown is the optimum shape for compact cars. It is available in OE sizes, from 13in to 16in and profiles down to 55.

The is a tyre aimed at drivers who want more feeling and performance without compromising safety or comfort and is intended for mid-size saloons, estates and coupes, as well as people-carriers. One of the’s key characteristics is what Yokohama describes as ‘lifelong comfort’, where low noise and a comfortable ride are maintained throughout the life of the tyre. The features four central grooves to disperse water while helping to reduce noise when driving in a straight line. The stiff outer tread blocks provide excellent dry weather grip when cornering, while the more compliant inner blocks do the same in damp or wet conditions. The is available in OE fitment sizes, as well as sizes to fit larger aftermarket alloy wheels.

The latest addition to the range is the, a driver-orientated tyre aimed at sports or high performance cars, whose drivers want confidence and grip in equal measure.

Performance is the’s forte and is the result of the combination of compound, construction and tread design. The tread features multi-dimensional grooves, maximising the contact area, and hence grip as the car corners, while the four grooves clear water and make sure the tyre performs as well in the wet as the dry. The micro-flexible rubber compound means that the surface of the tyre effectively wraps itself around imperfections in the road, rather than riding over them while the double belted construction helps the tyre sustain speeds up to the magical 300kph.

The had been developed in a range of innovative sizes, as well as more traditional ones. This is to allow for fitment within narrow wheelarches; particularly useful for the tuner market, where space is always a premium for replacement wheels and tyres or lowered suspension. Its distinctive tread pattern is also guaranteed to make it a hit with drivers looking for not just a high-performance tyre but one with individuality. The starts at 195/40x16 and increases to 225/35x20.

All three models in the ‘.drive’ range are available now from Yokohama dealers throughout the UK.

22 August 2006 Staff

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