Who Are The Worst Drivers?

BMW and Ford come out worst in Quoteacar survey

A new survey has turned the tables on some long-held myths about which motors are best avoided on the roads. Modern drivers, it seems, are no longer keeping out the way of Volvo-man, ‘prats with a Porsche’ or ‘louts in a Land Rover’. And the old jokes about Skoda drivers and ‘Nissan nannies’ are but a distant memory.

Today, they are most keen to avoid those with a BMW or Ford, perceived to be the motors owned by the worst motorists. Not far behind are Vauxhall, so perhaps ‘Astra man’ is still considered something of an enigma on the roads.

Quoteacar.co.uk, the online arm of insurance brokers the Allen and Allen Group, asked 400 of its customers to nominate the make of car they thought the worst drivers owned.

Joint top were BMW and Ford drivers with 13% of the vote each. In third, Vauxhall drivers got 8% of the vote, closely followed by those making amends with a Mercedes (5%).

At the bottom of the table there were some very mixed views. Expensive makes like Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce all scored very low, presumably because voters believe that when you’ve paid a lot of money for a car you’re going to drive it carefully. Less obvious low scorers were Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki and Saab.

"We appreciate that our customers are most likely to have answered this question based almost entirely on personal experience, so perhaps the results reflect the volume of particular makes on the road rather than a specific type of person who buys them," says Quoteacar’s Spencer Street.

"There was a time when if you saw a Volvo or Skoda you were fairly sure just what sort of person was behind the wheel, typically old and driving very slowly. Today, these stereotypes are not nearly so clear-cut, though it’s still fair to expect a certain personality when confronted by a Ferrari, Porsche or TVR.

"But with over 10 million motoring offences committed on our roads every year its obvious there are still a lot of bad drivers out there, even if it’s not entirely fair to characterise them by the make of car they drive.

"And don’t forget, despite what they drive, the 10% of new drivers on our roads still account for 29% of all accidents. But then experience is not so easy to see."

9 February 2005 Staff

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