Turtle Wax Warns Motorists About Winter Damage Risks Ahead Of The Forecasted Cold Snap

Turtle Wax Warns Motorists About Winter Damage

Turtle Wax Warns Motorists About Winter Damage

As the UK prepares for an extended cold snap this winter, Turtle Wax is warning motorists about the damage that winter weather can cause to vehicles.

Meteorologists are predicting a colder than average winter for Britain, following the wet summer weather, with temperatures expected to plunge as low as -10C in some areas.

With consumers already gearing up for the cold winter months, replacing T-shirts for woolly coats and upping their duvet tog count, Turtle Wax is urging drivers to not neglect their cars.

Danielle Walton, brand manager at Turtle Wax, comments: “British Weather Services is predicting an extended cold period from mid-November to late January, with significant snow in the North and East, so it is important that car owners act sooner rather than later to prevent the potentially costly and hazardous effects of the impending cold snap.

“Unless motorists are prepared for winter they run a genuine risk of long term damage to their vehicles, which can become a danger to both owners and other road users.”

Early preparation while the weather is a little milder will help to protect against the risk of winter weather and so Turtle Wax is urging drivers to follow these ‘top tips’ to ensure vehicles are prepared:

  • Wash vehicles with a car shampoo before winter sets in and as often as possible throughout the winter months to remove any surface salt and prevent any unnecessary corrosion. Always use a car shampoo as it won’t strip wax protection from the surface.
  • A generous application of durable wax or sealer not only provides a protective coat to car paintwork, warding off common winter rusting, it will also minimise the risk of damage caused by the ‘brine solution’ used by councils to grit and de-ice roads.
  • Poor road visibility is another recurrent winter motoring problem for those facing grit and surface spray, which can cause a distracting glare when the sun is low. Impaired vision can be avoided with the use of a simple glass cleaner - it will remove engrained dirt, restore clarity and can be kept to hand inside a car door. Remember to clean interior glass and mirrors too, as using hands to clear condensation leaves grease marks and smears that can affect visibility.
  • It’s important that wheel alloys aren’t neglected in winter. Clean any road salt and brake dust off the surface because both can cause alloys to become etched or blemished.
  • Tyres are arguably the most important part of any car and should be given as much pre-winter attention as possible. Check that they are in a good condition and roadworthy, meeting the legal minimum 1.6mm tread depth – remember to check pressure frequently because cold air causes it to drop. Use a tyre dressing to provide a barrier to the elements and stop the rubber deteriorating, as well as to keep them looking good.
  • Exterior plastic and trim are vulnerable to extreme temperatures and need to be protected to prevent fading, hardening or cracking.

Danielle adds: “Taking a few hours to protect vehicles and completing a basic maintenance check before the cold weather sets in could save hundreds of pounds in easily avoidable repair bills, while ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.”

Turtle Wax’s recommended winter products:
  • Turtle Wax Super Clean Wash & Wax, RRP £4.99*
  • Turtle Wax Extra Gloss Sealer Wax – RRP £9.99*
  • Turtle Wax Intensive Wheel Cleaner – RRP £7.49*
  • Turtle Wax Sparkling Glass Cleaner – RRP £5.49*
  • Turtle Wax Protect & Shine Tyre & Bumper Gel – RRP £7.49*

*Available from Halfords

6 November 2012 Staff

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