Keep Cars In A Tip Top Condition – Inside And Out

The Turtle Wax Range

The Turtle Wax Range

Even the smartest of cars can look scruffy when dirty. A dirty car can also do more damage than you think, meaning costly repairs later down the line. So, if you want your car to look super shiny and remain in tip top condition then these cleaning tips from car care experts, Turtle Wax, will help you do just that:

  • Washing: Always make sure your car is wet before shampooing and to prevent scratching use two sponges – one for dirty areas, the other for cleaner parts. Don't use household detergents as these will strip car paint of protective wax. In sunny conditions, wash and rinse one section at a time to prevent detergent drying onto the surface, which leaves streaks. Bird droppings can really damage a car’s paintwork too, so remove any as soon as possible as the acid in the poop can eat through the lacquer coat and discolour cars, leaving a bleached effect

Recommended products:

NEW Turtle Wax Super Clean Wash & Wax, 500ml - £5.99*. A quick and easy solution that provides a water repellent finish, allowing the car to dry quickly, leaving a high shine.

NEW Turtle Wax Power Clean Insect Remover, 500ml - £5.99*. This easy to use trigger spray rapidly dissolves bird droppings and insect deposits and is particularly effective on glass, plastic and metal, as it leaves no residue or smears.

  • Polishing and waxing: To remove any swirls and small imperfections while adding depth to the finish use a polish before waxing. After you’ve polished your car, it’s important to use a wax to protect the finish from the elements. Apply a dab of wax onto a washing pad or cloth and try applying in circular motions or straight lines to see which works best for you. Leave for a few minutes and wipe off – starting from the first point you polished and working your way around the car

Recommended products:

NEW Turtle Wax Restorative Cleaner Polish, 500ml - £7.99*. A clear lacquer restorer with an advanced formula that removes fine scratches. It deep cleans and shines old, dull or weathered paintwork and the ultra-fine abrasives and cleaners cut through grime and oxidation without damaging the surface.

NEW Turtle Wax Shine & Protect Car Wax, 500ml - £9.99*. This 3-in-1 product cleans, shines and protects all ages and types of automotive paintwork. It contains polishing agents to gently remove contaminants, combined with a natural Carnauba Wax, which provides protection and a mirror like shine. Glides on easily and buffs off in seconds, with minimum effort.

  • Wheels and Tyres: As wheels are often the dirtiest part of the car, clean them first to avoid splashing brake dust on to clean bodywork. Make sure you choose the right brush too, as using a stiff brush may damage the lacquer on the alloys

Recommended products:

Turtle Wax Intensive Wheel Cleaner, 500ml - £6.99*. A heavy duty, fast acting acidic formula which removes brake dust, oil and road grime, quickly and effectively, revealing bright and sparkling wheels. Supplied with a brush, the trigger spray can be used on most wheel types, including alloy, steel, painted and plastic wheels.

NEW Turtle Wax Protect & Shine Bumper & Tyre Gel, 500ml - £6.99*. This thick, concentrated gel provides long lasting protection and a deep gloss ‘wet look’ shine to tyres, black rubber bumper and hard vinyl trim. A product which requires minimum effort and leaves zero mess, the gel penetrates the surface to restore appearance and provide a barrier against the elements.

  • Interior: Always clean interior fabrics first, as they require vacuuming and brushing – this will almost certainly create dust, which is not what you want on your sparkling trim!

Recommended product:

NEW Turtle Wax Multi Surface Interior Cleaner, 500ml - £6.99*. This product can be used to clean, condition and protect all interior plastic, fabric and carpets. The deep cleaning formula penetrates the fibres to remove even the most stubborn stains including oil, grease and chocolate, leaving a natural finish and a fresh odour in the vehicle.

  • Glass Care: Don’t overspray on windows and glass - too much product can lead to streaking. Use a good quality automotive glass gleaner for headlights and exterior glass – these are specifically designed to cut through grease and oil. Don’t forget about windscreen wipers – blades can become very dirty which reduces their effectiveness and causes smearing and reduced vision. Also try using kitchen towels or paper as these often clean better than cloths

Recommended product:

NEW Turtle Wax Sparkling Glass Clean, 500ml - £6.49*. The advanced formula contains a polymer protective coating which effortlessly cuts through dirt and grime, leaving all glass surfaces spotless. Its unique properties also means that there is no mottled or streaky effect left on the glass by rain water or when cleaning the car, resulting in longer lasting clarity and an excellent visibility from the interior.

Turtle Wax has developed its latest car care range with clarity in mind. The red packaging throughout the range and simple on pack descriptions help consumers easily understand the nature of each product and the benefits, making it the clearest range on the shelf.  And with results at the forefront of any new Turtle Wax product, the new range does not disappoint. The combination of proven technology and clever formulation, provides exceptional results that are clear to see.

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3 May 2012 Staff

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