Caution - Speed Limit Confusion Ahead

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  • 81% of UK drivers say speed limits are poorly signed
  • More than 90% worry about ‘speed cameras’
  • Over 84% do not always spot speed camera warning signs
  • More drivers worry about increased insurance costs than speeding fines
  • 78% may use a GPS warning system to protect their driving licence
  • Under proposed law changes, GPS warning systems will still be permitted

A new survey of motorists across Britain has revealed that over 90% of drivers worry about being caught by a speed camera, especially when driving on unfamiliar roads and that more than 81% are confused because speed limits are not effectively signed.

The survey also highlighted that 84% of drivers do not always notice speed camera warning signs. If caught on camera, 14.4% say their ‘biggest concern’ would be the cost of the penalty fine, but a larger number (24.7%) now rate the fear of increased insurance premiums as their chief worry. However, speed cameras were regarded by 92% of respondents as good at cutting incidents of speeding, both in locations near cameras and on roads generally.

Survey results also indicate that 7.2% of UK motorists already use a speed camera location device. More than 82% of respondents thought that having such a device in their vehicles would make them ‘more aware of speed limits’ and 78% would consider using a completely legal GPS-based device, like those produced by RoadPilot, to protect their driving licence, avoid speeding fines and evade higher insurance premiums.

The survey, conducted on behalf of RoadPilot, the country’s leading road safety technology company and pioneer of speed camera locators, once again revealed just how important personal mobility is to UK citizens. A total of 88% declared that their lives would be ‘very adversely affected’ if they lost their driving licence.

Summary of Survey Results
  • 81.4 % of UK drivers think speed limits are not effectively signed
  • 90.8 % of drivers worry about being caught by a speed camera
  • 84.6 % do not always notice speed camera warning signs
  • 92.0% agree that cameras are good at cutting incidents of speeding
  • 82.4% think a speed camera locator would make them ‘more aware of speed limits’
  • 24.7% now rate fear of higher insurance premiums as their biggest concern
  • 7.2% of UK motorists already use a speed camera locator device
  • 88.0% would be ‘very adversely affected’ by losing their driving licence

"Our survey highlights the increasing concern among UK motorists that they will be caught by a speed camera while inadvertently speeding," comments James Flynn OBE, Chairman and CEO of RoadPilot. "It also spotlights the growing realisation among drivers that using a fully-legal GPS-based speed camera locator device would make them more aware of speed limits and less likely to endanger their driving licence, or other road users or their personal safety.

"RoadPilot understands that the main intention of ‘safety cameras’ located in hazardous areas is to reduce speeding, reduce accidents and save lives, and our products support this endeavour. A recent MORI poll indicated that motorists using GPS camera locators travel up to 50% further between accidents than non-users," concludes Flynn.

9 February 2005 Staff

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