How To Stop 'Speed Bumps' Killing Your Vehicle

The ROSSINI Suspension Muscle Kit


Love them or hate them - speed bumps are damaging vehicles across the country. More than 30% of vehicles that fail their annual MOT do so because of damage to their suspension.

The UK is awash with speed bumps. Some motorists view them as the most annoying obstacle on our roads. Most road safety campaigners claim they save lives. There’s only one certainty - speed bumps are here to stay.

Following reports of damage to vehicles a new kit has been developed that can avoid the bottoming out a vehicle suffers when driving over a speed bump. The kit is also claimed to be an ideal solution for vehicles that carry extra weight, tow a trailer or for vehicles that are close to the ground such as sports cars and vehicles with lowered suspension.

The Rossini suspension muscle kit is a specially moulded rubber insert that fits into the suspension coil springs of a vehicle. They take minutes to fit and no special tools are required. It’s simply a case of jacking a vehicle up and sliding the rubber inserts into place. The suspension muscle kit operates when extra weight is added to a vehicle or a bump in the road is encountered. The muscle kit stops the vehicle sinking, dipping and bottoming out. Road handling can also be improved for vehicles that have a tendency to sink on cornering.

Risk of damage to a vehicle is minimised, passengers and the driver can enjoy a more comfortable ride and the manufacturers also claim that motorists are less likely to damage their exhaust when driving over the seriously high bumps used in some multi-storey car parks.

Mark Cornwall of mail order specialist, Car Parts Direct said: “Speed bumps are a major problem to motorists. We’re supplying more shock absorbers, coil springs and catalytic converters than ever because of damage caused by speed bumps. The suspension muscle kit is such a simple solution to a huge problem.”

The Rossini suspension muscle kits are available at £35.00 including free delivery when ordered online. Visit

27 September 2006 Staff

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