Motorists Guaranteed 'No' Speeding Fines In 2007 With New Navigation System

Satellite Navigation

Satellite Navigation

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A new Satellite Navigation device has been developed that guarantees drivers will NOT pick up ANY speeding ticket from ANY speed camera in the UK. The supplier of the Rossini Navigator & Camera Spotter offers a unique guarantee to pay £60 to ANY motorist that picks up a speeding ticket where no advance warning of the camera is given.

According to the supplier, with the Rossini Navigator more than 24,000 potential speed traps are covered from 270,000 miles of roads throughout the UK and Ireland. Unlike many camera locators the Rossini Navigator has been programmed to warn of mobile speed camera sites and traffic light red light cameras as well as every known Specs, Gatso and Truvelo speed camera in the country.

The driver is alerted with the words 'beware - watch your speed'. A warning appears on a touch operated screen five hundred metres before any camera. A reminder of the speed limit appears on the screen too. Motorists also have an option to be warned if they are exceeding the speed limit even where there are no cameras - and the new device is legal to use in the UK.

Mark Cornwall of Car Part Direct, the UK supplier said: "In order to appeal to our customers we had to provide value that TomTom, Garmin and the other players couldn't offer. What was needed was a first class SatNav package with postcode search, turn-by-turn, door-to-door journey instructions and first class speed camera spotter - because we offer a guaranteed £60 cashback the Rossini had to be 100% reliable. We tested it - it really does work. And above all it had to be easy to use."

The most recent statistics provided by the Government claim nearly 2 million motorists received speeding prosecutions. A further 124,000 were prosecuted for jumping a red light and caught by camera. A speeding ticket can increase a driver's insurance premium by 17% and a second speeding ticket can add up to 60% to a motorist's insurance bill according to AA Insurance.

Car Parts Direct has promised to supply free camera updates with the new Rossini Navigator until January 2009 for motorists ordering before New Years Day this year.

"They will have absolutely NO subscriptions to pay and be guaranteed against picking up a ticket," added Mark Cornwall.

The Rossini Navigator and Speed Camera Spotter is powered straight from the cigar lighter socket, is transferable between vehicles in seconds and ALL speed camera information is preloaded into the unit prior to delivery. The supplier claims it's out of the box and ready to use. The Rossini Navigator costs £399 delivered anywhere in the UK.

4 December 2006 Staff

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