Protyre Offers A Free Winter Tyre Safety Check

During the current bout of bad weather Protyre is offering motorists a free tyre safety check at any one of its 49 UK branches, including examination of all four tyres for possible damage.

The blanket of snow and ice that has covered most of the UK in the past few days, and according to weather forecasters is set to remain for a few more days, has brought driving misery to many motorists. Clearly there are real dangers of driving in snow and ice with vehicle tyres that have less than 3mm or tread according to tyre safety experts at Protyre. Less than 3mm of tread means that grip will be reduced and braking distances further compromised. But there are also hidden dangers that can damage tyres, wheels and suspension components. Potholes, kerbs, debris and other obstructions on the road are obscured by snow and Protyre is reporting an increasing number of motorists visiting their outlets with tyre and suspension damage caused by hitting kerbs or obstructions in the road.

Striking a snow obscured kerb or pothole in the road, or mounting the pavement, can cause steering misalignment leading to exaggerated tyre wear and ultimately premature tyre replacement. Emergency braking in the current conditions may cause a vehicle to skid potentially resulting in tyre "flat spotting" which will also accelerate the need for early replacement. Striking a kerb can also lead to tyre sidewall damage caused by "pinching" the tyre against an object which may result in a bulge in the sidewall and possible loss of pressure and ultimately to a tyre "blow-out".

Protyre, the UK leading independent retailer and wholesaler of tyres, is advising motorists to check their tyres regularly during the current bad weather for snow induced damage and if in any doubt about the possible consequences caused by striking and obstacle, they should seek professional advice.

3 December 2010 Staff

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