Potholes In UK Roads Cost £1 Million Per Day

Motorists are paying out an estimated £1 million every day in repairs because of Britain's potholed roads with the problem worsening the further North you go, according to data published by campaign website, Potholes.

Analysing data from leading consumer warranty provider Warranty Direct's insurance policies over an eight-year period, six per cent of cars each year suffer from axle and suspension damage that can be traced back to poor road quality. With some claims as high as £2710 and an average repair cost of £240, this equates to a potential £413 million a year, or £1.1 million each day, for UK motorists.

Of the 10 worst rated regions for axle and suspension failures, five are in Scotland and four in Northern England, while nine of the 10 lowest failure rates were recorded in the South of England. Ayrshire in Scotland has the highest rate in Britain, where 14% of cars each year require repairs relating to poor road quality. By contrast, in Oxfordshire only 4% of cars suffer similar failures each year.

"It's incredible how clear a North-South divide these figures appear to show," said Warranty Direct's Managing Director, Duncan McClure Fisher. "Either continuous driving over cracked or uneven road surfaces, or the sudden jolting of a deep pothole, can cause damage to shock absorbers, springs, upper and lower arms and stabiliser bars and this appears to be happening more in Scotland than anywhere else. Whether this is due to colder weather causing more Northern roads to crack or just poor maintenance, it seems to underline a clear difference in the condition of highways across the country."

The figures were released to coincide with the re-launch of Potholes' website, created to give people advice on what to do if they suffer cost or injury because of poor roads.

Warranty Direct launched the Potholes website in 2007 to give motorists a chance to do something about potholes. Anyone who spots a pothole can report it to a local council through the site, as well as warning other motorists about it. And if their car has suffered damage because of a pothole, the site gives details of how to make a claim against a local council.

7 April 2009 Staff

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