Need For Speed Not Just A Male Thing

More women want top performance from their motors too says Hyperformance.

A new breed of racy women are demanding more performance from their motors and seeking out the models that can deliver says Hyperformance, the leading independent motor insurance intermediary.

Statistics compiled by the company based on the types of cars women want to insure show that cover for cars with more oomph is up 18% in the last 12 months, suggesting the fair sex is revving up to get out in the fast lane with their male counterparts.

Whether this surge in interest in cars with poke is to make a statement about women’s independence is not entirely clear, but it follows a general rise in more women wanting their own cars and being less prepared to rely on public transport or their men and their motors.

Hyperformance has drawn up a list of the most popular models women buy and want to insure, and 4x4s like the Land Rover Freelander, Toyota Rav 4 and Honda CRV feature near the top. They also like sporty models such as the Mazda MX5 and the smaller but still racy Peugeot 206CC is amongst the favourite cheaper cars they want to be seen in. For the professional girl around town, a Mercedes SLK comes top of the wish list.

"For years we have associated high performance with men and thought it was a ‘boys and their toys’ thing, but it seems the girls now want top performance from their men and their motors as well," says Hyperformance Sales & Marketing Director Steve McPherson.

"Fortunately they are in a good position: insurance rates for women are almost always cheaper than those levied against male drivers and this extends through to the more high performance vehicles as well.

"So this means they can now not only drive faster and own chicer models, it also won’t cost them as much to insure. In some cases the saving can be several hundred pounds on the same make and model of car.

"Moreover, if they buy their insurance cover from specialist brokers who specialise in giving women what they want such as ourselves they can almost certainly get an even better deal. In fact we have our own site dedicated to women drivers at which meets their every need.

"The new female need for speed and power looks sure to continue as women earn more, want more independence and make that all important statement that if its good enough for the guys then it’s good enough for the girls."

23 February 2005 Staff

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