Motors vs Missus

British men own up about their secret lovers

MORE than three quarters of British men have a secret mistress according to new research published today.  The poll, commissioned by eBay Motors, reveals what many women may already suspect - most men are hiding a secret obsession with their car.

The study of over 1,000 Brits found men are not only spending more money on their car than their girlfriends, but are also lavishing it with more love and attention.  Twenty-four per cent of men said they prioritise their car over their partner.

What's more, men on average spend £2,426 a year making sure their car is looking its best - double the amount they spend on spoiling their partners, at just £1,066 a year.

The £1,360 difference is the equivalent of 45 bunches of flowers* or nine sets of raunchy Agent Provocateur underwear** for every girlfriend and wife in the UK.

But it doesn't stop there - men are also jealously over-possessive about their motoring 'significant others.'  Although statistics show women are safer drivers, more than a quarter of men (26%) admitted they would NEVER let their partner behind the wheel of their car. So women can look, but they can't touch!

Clare Gilmartin of eBay Motors comments: “Our research has confirmed what many women have suspected for years - men are crazy about their cars.  But partners shouldn't feel disheartened - as they say, if you can't beat them, join them and with over 120,000 vehicles and accessories on the site at any one time, eBay Motors is the perfect one-stop shop this Christmas to find your bloke that perfect pressie.”

On a brighter note, women can breathe a sigh of relief if their bloke has been whispering another name in their sleep, as 12% of men admitted they had given their car a pet name. Men are so deeply involved with their car that one in four (25%) admitted they had even talked to it like a person.

The survey also revealed where you live might affect how serious your man's affair with his car is, with women in Wales and Yorkshire suffering the most.

  • Welsh women are least likely be allowed near their man's car with a third (34%) of Welsh men refusing to let the woman in their life behind the wheel (nearly ten per cent higher than the national average)
  • Over a third (38%) even admitted they prioritise cleaning and working on their car over anything else
  • When it comes to spending, the North/South divide is bigger than the Watford Gap, with Yorkshire women worst off.  Men down South are the most generous lovers, spending more on their partners than any other region
  • South East blokes splash out an average of £1,300 on their wives and girlfriends compared to just under £550 for men in Yorkshire - the lowest in the UK
  • The most pampered cars in the UK are found in Leicester and Nottingham with an average spend of £2,707 a year by their devoted male owners.  

Clare Gilmartin continues: “I'm amazed men can spend so much money pampering their cars, especially when they could be treating their wives or girlfriends to a night out or a surprise bunch of flowers.  What they see in the wheels, sprockets, grease and bolts I don't know - it's enough to drive me nuts.”

8 November 2005 Staff

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