How to Save Money on Your MOT

January is one of the busiest months for the annual MOT test. It’s also a time when Credit Cards are stretched to the max after Christmas & New Year celebrations. Martin Mosley from mail order specialists, Carparts-direct has advised motorists for over 20 years about vehicle servicing, repairs and how to avoid rogue mechanics. Now he offers his top six tips on how you can pass your MOT and avoid unnecessary costs.

● Take your vehicle for an MOT a month early. If you pass, the MOT certificate is valid for 13 Months. If your vehicle fails the MOT you have an extra month to obtain quotes rather than rushing in to having last minute expensive repair work carried out. Always use a Garage that offers free re-tests.

● Whilst MOT test centre engineers are regulated, and mostly honest people, you should still beware. There are still rogue tradesmen that may look for repair work that may not be required. You can book in to an MOT centre that carries out MOTs only and does not carry out repair work. If it's not possible to go to an MOT centre that only carries out MOT's then, always go to a Garage that is well recommended.

● Make sure your engine is fully warmed up before parking up at the MOT centre and rev the engine at the last minute. This clears the gases out of the engine that can cause a vehicle to fail the Emissions test. It's always worth adding a bottle of Injector cleaner to the fuel a few days before the MOT to reduce emissions just as a precaution - Injector cleaner helps economy and prevents fuel starvation so your money is not wasted.

● Make sure you car is clean inside and out, leave an MOT check list on the passenger seat. Ideally wait while your vehicle goes through the MOT. All motorists are advised to use a couple of technical phrases when dropping a vehicle off for the MOT to demonstrate some vehicle knowledge that could avoid been taken for a ride. It's also very unfortunate that some rouge mechanics believe women are an easier target to gain extra profit. Women may consider asking a Male to drive the vehicle in to the MOT centre - it really can make a difference.

● If your vehicle fails on a specific item and you do not understand, ask the engineer to show why the part needs to be replaced. Make sure you fully understand the failure report before leaving the MOT centre. Don't feel pressured in to having a repair done on the spot. If you shop around you'll be amazed by how much you can save.

● If you need work carrying out you may wish to carry the job out yourself and save anywhere between £30 - £120 an hour. A Haynes Car manual cost about £20 and covers most MOT failure jobs. Capable friends who enjoy car maintenance can help save you your hard earned cash. If you need to use a Garage, ask for a separate quote for the parts and labour. You can ask the garage owner if you can supply your own parts - this can save you a small fortune on your repairs.

7 January 2009 Staff

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