Transport Minister Gives GPS Speed Camera Warning Systems The Thumbs Up

If there was any doubt before, there isn’t now. GPS speed camera warning systems are 100 per cent legal - and that’s official!

This was confirmed this week during the second reading of the Road Safety Bill in the Commons, when transport minister Dr. Stephen Ladyman and Tory MP Owen Paterson both admitted that they used GPS speed camera warning systems in their cars. Mr Paterson even stated "the device has made me drive better." When asked to clarify that the systems will remain fully legal, Dr Ladyman said that devices which use satellite technology, such as Talex systems, "will continue to be perfectly legal. I have one myself."

"Drivers will welcome this clarification," said Nigel Carter of Talex, one of the leading GPS speed camera warning systems. "Our research has shown that there is considerable confusion over the legality of systems that use global positioning satellite technology as opposed to speed camera ‘detection’ devices that the Road Safety Bill seeks to outlaw. The fact that the transport minister is using a GPS system to stay within the law and protect his licence sends a clear message that these systems are acceptable and will remain legal."

GPS speed camera warning systems use satellite technology to pinpoint exactly where your vehicle is on the road. The vehicle’s position is constantly compared with the system’s database of speed camera locations and the driver is warned of a camera’s proximity and the appropriate speed limit. Talex systems use visual and voice warnings and also alert drivers to schools and accident black spots.

Speed camera and laser ‘detection’ systems on the other hand, do not use GPS technology or databases of known camera locations. They simply detect some types of speed camera and although currently allowed, there is general cross-party consensus that the Road Safety Bill should make the use of these devices illegal.

"Drivers need to be careful before spending - in some cases - a great deal of money," added Nigel Carter. "They should be absolutely sure that they purchase a GPS speed camera warning system if they want to stay completely legal in the future, and they should check that the system does not include a laser detector."

There are two Talex GPS camera warning systems available: the Talex Lite at £89.99 and the original Talex at £149.99. This week, Auto Express in its authoritative review and test of speed camera locators judged the Talex Lite to be its ‘Best Buy 2006’ with the original Talex coming second in the test as ‘Recommended 2006’. Auto Express assessed 12 different systems on the basis of performance and price and decided that "…picking a winner proved very easy…it [Talex Lite] provided brilliant performance at a superb price."

11 March 2006 Staff

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