Fuel Saving Tips 'The Community Approach' | Part Two

Traffic Lights

The vital thing is to maximise the number of vehicles getting through each green phase. Don't dither! Drivers should predict when lights are going to change to green and be ready in gear to go immediately if safe to proceed. The first driver should accelerate briskly, following drivers should move as soon as he goes and keep up. Whilst of course they must maintain a safe distance, this should not be excessive. When approaching green lights proceed at a speed where you can safely stop if they change or other hazards appear but there is no need to slow more. Try to anticipate light changes to avoid stopping if possible. Don't straddle lanes and indicate your intentions clearly for the benefit of drivers and pedestrians.


Don't block them. When turning right position your vehicle close to the centre line so others can filter to your left. When exiting T junctions form two lanes as soon as there is space. Don't dither and be ready to go.


Form two or more lanes on approach at the earliest opportunity.

Don't stop or slow more than is necessary if your path onto the roundabout is clear.

Maintain your lane through the roundabout allowing others to proceed in their lanes alongside you. Lanes are not usually marked on roundabouts but still need to be observed for efficient use.


Don't 'straightline' roundabouts or cut across where other traffic is present.

Indicate your intentions where appropriate. For example if you indicate left when taking an exit this allows others to confidently enter from that exit and enables pedestrians to make decisions when to cross safely. If in doubt on correct indicating practice consult the highway code.

4 December 2008 Staff

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