Depressing Day Driving Risk

Miserable Monday - 22nd January 2007

On the most depressing day of the year, drivers need to take extra care on the roads, a leading insurer warns today.

Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnalls has dubbed this Monday (22nd January 2007) ‘Miserable Monday’ thanks to a formula he created which considers debt, time elapsed since Christmas, failing New Year's resolutions & low motivation at work.

And safe driving specialists Privilege Insurance believes the roads could be more dangerous on this gloomy day.  The company’s latest research reveals that 48 per cent of drivers in Britain experience symptoms, including lethargy and sadness or depression, they blame on the time of year.  Of these, one in ten admits their driving suffers as a result, with speeding and losing concentration the most common side effect.

And two fifths of drivers admit their symptoms are transformed into anger or irritation with other road users, slower reaction times and, for a minority, recklessness on the road.

Privilege is warning drivers not to let their mood affect their driving, and suggests the following tips for cheering themselves up on ‘Miserable Monday’.

  • Do some exercise.  Whether it’s taking a brisk walk or attending an aerobics class, exercise will get your heart pumping and lift your spirits.
  • Tune into a comedy.  Watch something funny on the TV while getting ready for work. You’ll find it hard to stay depressed when watching your favourite TV show or funny movie.
  • Do an early spring clean.  Spend Sunday getting rid of old clothes and junk, so you wake up on Monday morning knowing that job is out of the way.
  • Plan your summer holiday.  Thinking to happier times beyond January will undoubtedly improve your mood.
  • Some sufferers did report that travelling with a friend or listening to uplifting music helped
  • Get a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and avoid depressants like alcohol

Kate Syred, Commercial Director at Privilege Insurance says: “If you know you are somebody that feels down at this time of year, then Monday is likely to be a low point for you.  But don’t let a bad mood take over, especially when you’re on the road - having a car crash certainly won’t help improve the situation!”

Privilege specialises in offering highly competitive insurance for safe drivers, with a guarantee to beat renewal quotes for any driver with 4 years + no claims discount.

18 January 2007 Staff

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