Don't Wait Until Your Car Is Towed Away And Crushed

  • Check out the cost of cheaper motor insurance now says leading intermediary

Motorists concerned they may get caught up in, or caught out by the latest and widely publicised police crack down on Britain’s estimated 1.2 million uninsured drivers, should take steps now to make sure they stay within the law says the A&A Group, one of the country’s largest independent insurance intermediaries.

Act now! Do not wait to be caught and risk having your vehicle towed away and possibly destroyed warns the company, which adds that the cost of insurance may not be as high as you fear if you know where to look, and will almost certainly be cheaper than having to replace your vehicle.

The latest police crackdown, where cameras by the roadside read vehicle number plates and instantly compare them to a database of insurance policies, before stopping uninsured motorists and seizing their vehicles, is part of a response to getting to grips with an escalating problem. This response has seen the police given new powers that enable them to impound cars if the drivers cannot prove they are insured.

Facing this new assault on the uninsured, which carries much tougher penalties than ever before, not to mention the inconvenience of having to produce documents and recover the vehicle; the A&A Group is urging uninsured motorists to look again at the cost of cover.

A lot has changed, it says, and if you use one of the new breed of non-standard risk brokers that treat every case on an individual basis, you may be able to drive premiums down still further.

"Everyone has an incentive to see the problem of uninsured drivers reduced," says A&A Group Marketing Manager Ian Exworth. "Uninsured drivers add to the cost of every car insurance premium, which is just not fair on those that stay within the law.

"We know that even tough campaigns like this are unlikely to get the criminal element to change their ways, but there are a large number of uninsured drivers that either forgot to reinsure or just think they cannot afford to.

"To them, we say find a specialist broker and be sure to tell them all your details and personal circumstances. The good ones will work with you and explain all your options and you may be surprised at just how little it could cost to stay within the law.

"The A&A Group, for instance, together with its subsidiaries Hyperformance and, specialises in taking all factors into account before finding a policy that meets each individual’s needs.

"I urge motorists to consider all the angles before choosing to remain outside the law. Life is not only a lot simpler if you get insurance, it will also reduce the cost burden on the millions of motorists that already do, so everybody wins."

8 December 2005 Staff

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