Motorists Risk Lives By Failing To Check Their Vehicles Brake Fluid

Motorists that fail to check their brake fluid are risking their lives - research reveals most motorists are unaware that a vehicles brake fluid needs to be changed.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend changing brake fluid every two years. Recent research carried out by reveals that 86% of motorists do not check their brake fluid and ignore replacing it at the recommended intervals. Many garages also fail to check or advise customers to change their brake fluid. The research reveals that 68% of all motorists claimed to be unaware that brake fluid needs to be replaced as part of a vehicle service.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it naturally absorbs water over time. This reduces the effectiveness of the brake fluid. Once the water content rises above 3% - brakes can fail. The problem occurs because water reduces the boiling point of the fluid, air bubbles are created and braking becomes ineffective.

The problem is made even more dangerous because braking will appear normal until the brake fluid reaches boiling point, this would normally happen after heavy braking down a steep hill, or on a motorway, it is then when a drivers nightmare becomes reality. The brakes become spongy, ineffective and the vehicle fails to stop. Once the fluid has cooled down again, braking efficiency returns - and driver can be led in to a temporary false sense of braking security - until next time.

A D.I.Y ‘Brake fluid tester’ has been developed that can check the condition of brake fluid in seconds. The probe is placed in the brake fluid reservoir and with one press of a button a green light lets you know the brake fluid is safe. A yellow light advises it should be changed and a red light spells dange - and to change the fluid - immediately.

Mark Cornwall of mail order specialist said “The Easy Brake Fluid tester” can be a life saver. Motorists do not need to guess if their brake fluid needs to be changed or not. They can test the brake fluid in seconds. They can also save money by knowing if a garage tells them brake fluid needs replacing when it doesn’t.” are specialists in braking products, they supply a range of Rossini Performance brake discs that improve vehicle braking compared to standard discs. They supply a brake bleed kit that guarantees to remove all air locks - quickly. They also provide a do-it-yourself complete brake pipe making kit suitable for almost any vehicle - everything required is included in the kit, a twenty-five foot roll of copper brake pipe, flaring tool, brake pipe unions and pipe cutter. The ‘Easy brake fluid tester’ is the latest addition to the companies D.I.Y safety braking range.

Haynes workshop manuals are available to explain how simple it is to service and repair most vehicles and include step-by-step instructions on maintaining your own braking system - and at £16.95 they represent less than 15 minutes labour costs at most car dealerships.

13 December 2005 Staff

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