The New MINI Clubman | Part Four

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MINI Clubman

Brake Energy Regeneration

This technology ensures that the output from the engine is converted primarily into drive power, with electricity being generated for the on-board network only when the engine is on overrun or during application of the brakes. To achieve this effect, the alter­nator is automatically disengaged from the engine while under power. Accordingly, the power the alternator would consume in the conventional mode now remains fully available for even faster and more dynamic acceleration.

An adequate supply of electrical energy to the on-board system is nevertheless ensured at all times, since the alternator is activated again as soon as the MINI returns to overrun or the driver applies the brakes.

Auto Start-Stop

The new Auto Start-Stop function on all manual gearbox versions of the MINI Clubman serves to effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions while the car is standing still. Whenever the car comes to a stop, Auto Start-Stop automatically switches off the engine as soon as the driver shifts to neutral and takes his foot off the clutch pedal. To re-start the engine, the driver presses down on the clutch pedal again, and the engine re-starts automatically and immediately.

Auto Start-Stop serves to optimise fuel efficiency in city traffic. The consumption of energy and the generation of exhaust emissions are reduced to zero in a very simple and straightforward process every time the car comes to a stop.

Gearshift Point Indicator

The driver of a manual gearbox MINI Clubman is able to focus on the most efficient style of motoring because the ideal ‘economy’ gear is shown by a numeric symbol in the cockpit display beneath the rev counter. The electronic engine ‘brain’ analyses engine speed, driving conditions and the position of the accelerator pedal to calculate the most efficient style of motoring and suggests the respective gear to the driver.


The MINI Clubman comes as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. As an option, six-speed automatic transmission is available for all three variants. A feature of the auto’ box enables the driver to select gears by means of paddles on the steering wheel.


Despite its longer wheelbase and the body overhang extended to the rear, the Clubman retains the “bulldog” stance so typical of the MINI. The car’s agile driving characteristics offer the legendary go-kart feeling inseparably associated with the MINI brand.

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Published 29 July 2007 Melanie Carter

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