The New V6 Engine From Mercedes Benz | Part Three

In addition to these engine-specific measures, an efficient emission control system ensures that exhaust emission values remain below the stringent EU 4 limits coming into force in 2005. Each of the two catalytic converters, which are located close to the engine, is monitored by two oxygen sensors. Thanks to linear control these already deliver precise data to the engine computer during the warm-up phase, enabling this to regulate the engine so that the catalytic converters reach their normal operating temperature more rapidly.
Modern, lightweight power unit and designed-in engine sound

The crankcase and cylinder head of the new Mercedes six-cylinder are of aluminium. The state-of-the-art, lightweight engine also has weight-reduced connecting rods, pistons and balancer weights which contribute to the exemplary smoothness of the unit. Between the cylinder walls, a balancer shaft counter-rotates with the crankshaft and compensates the inherent vibration moments of the V6 unit. The cylinder liners are in aluminium-silicon technology for particularly low friction, distortion and weight.

The acoustic properties were a further focus of the development work. The aim of the Mercedes engineers was a specific reduction in engine noise, followed by the achievement of a sporty and sonorous six-cylinder exhaust note. Very considerable technical effort was devoted to acoustic tests on practically all of the approx. 210 components in the new V6 engine.

Innovative intake manifolds of sound-absorbent woven nylon, a twin-cartridge air filter with integral resonators and numerous other refinements contribute to the exemplary level of noise comfort.

The acoustic specialists have achieved the typical sports car engine note by careful configuration of the exhaust system.

Published 23 December 2003 Melanie Carter

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