The World Premiere Of A New Innovative Nano-Particle Clearcoat | Part Eight

Paint-care tips from industry experts - Clean, polish and preserve
  • Always give the paintwork a thorough pre-clean before using a mechanical car-wash
  • Refresh paint preserver every six months

The same care advice applies for the new nano-particle clearcoat celebrating its world premiere with Mercedes Benz as for conventional paints. The experts at the Stuttgart-based vehicle manufacturer have the following tips for passenger car owners:

Looking after the paintwork begins at the car-wash. In order to avoid scratches caused by sand, dust or other miniscule particles on the surface of the body, a thorough pre-clean is recommended. Therefore, always spray the paintwork down with the high-pressure cleaner before driving into the automatic car-wash.

After the car has been washed, you should dry it off with a cloth in order to avoid water stains on the paintwork.

Remove insect remains, tar marks and bird droppings as quickly as possible, as they can damage the paintwork if allowed to dry. These kinds of marks and stains can usually be removed quickly and easily using a sponge and lots of water. When it comes to tar marks, you should use a special agent from the Mercedes Benz vehicle care range. After cleaning the affected areas, polish them with a soft cloth.

Car owners should apply preserver to their vehicle’s paintwork twice a year. You can gauge whether this is necessary by carrying out a simple check: if the water no longer beads on the surface of the car body after it has been washed, then action should be taken. For older vehicles with dull paint, a gloss preserver such as the high-quality polish from the Mercedes care range, is the best option. In the case of newer cars, a gloss preserver should be sufficient. Like polish, this should be applied extremely thinly and in circular movements using cotton wool.

If the paint has lost its lustre, the experts recommend an intensive treatment, ideally using special polishing machines. First paint cleaner should be used to brighten up matt paint, then polish applied to restore a gleaming finish. Here again, gloss preserver ensures a lasting sheen.

Bumpers and exterior mirror casings painted in the vehicle body colour also require regular attention. Gloss preserver protects the paintwork in these areas as well and helps to maintain their gloss.

Published 4 December 2003 Melanie Carter

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