Mercedes Benz New Models And Enhanced Specification For 2006 - The C 320 CDI | Part Four

C 320 CDI

This replaces the C 270 CDI and is available in the C-Class Saloon and Estate only.

This new 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine introduces the third generation of common-rail direct injection systems from Mercedes Benz. This latest breed excels with improved efficiency, smoother power delivery and reduced consumption, exhaust emissions and combustion noise. Light weight is also a key feature – this is the world’s first all alloy diesel engine in itS-Class, totalling only 208 kg.

The new injector system is equipped with fast acting piezo-ceramics, which have a response time of only 0.1 milliseconds. This new piezo technology means the number of fuel injections per power stroke has increased from three to five. To assist in a finer, and so more accurate distribution of fuel, the common-rail pump pressure has been increased from 1350 bar to 1600 bar.

The combination of swifter injection and higher fuel pressure has led to Mercedes Benz developing its unique pilot injection process. This introduces small amounts of fuel to the combustion process to preheat the combustion chambers. The result is a smoother combustion and reduced engine noise.

Three E-Class using this 320 CDI engine in standard specification recently tested at the Laredo (Texas) development facility covering 100,000 miles with a standard service regime and no problems. On the way to establishing 22 world records, the three diesel engines managed to cover the distance at an average speed of 139.69 mph. The three cars went on to cross America, covering 1039 miles on one tank-full of diesel averaging 58.85 mpg.

With a single turbo tucked into its Vee format, the compact and lightweight 224 hp (with 510 Nm of torque) engine powers the C 320 CDI through the 7G-TRONIC transmission, which is fitted as standard. Again, Speedtronic cruise control and the user friendly Tipfunction are standard.

As in the C 350, Parameter Steering, 17in wheels and larger rubber provide a sure footed package.

With a competitive CO2 figure of only 201 g/km (C-Class Saloon), the new C 320 CDI is a very capable Mercedes Benz.

New engine line-up for E-Class

There are engine and specification changes within the E-Class Saloon and Estate which provide a smoother and more powerful driving experience. Available to order now, the new petrol and diesel V6 engines will add another dimension to the already renowned ability of the E-Class.

E 280

This new 231 hp 3.0-litre V6 engine is fitted into the E-Class at the same time as the C-Class and SLK-Class. Again, it is only available with the super-flexible 7G-TRONIC transmission which comes with Speedtronic cruise control as standard. Luxury doesn’t come at a high price either, the E 280 is available from £31,220, with a combined economy of 29.1 mpg and a CO2 figure of 224 g/km.

E 280 CDI

This replaces the five-cylinder E 270 CDI.

This new 2987cc V6 turbo diesel engine is a re-tuned version of the 3.0-litre V6 diesel used in the C 320 CDI and E 320 CDI. It offers the same lightweight package, thanks to an all-alloy engine, and features the same internal technology and neatly packaged turbo. This offers the customer a high value package, exceptional economy and, with 190 hp and 440 Nm of torque, effective diesel performance.

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Published 15 June 2005 Melanie Carter

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