Mercedes Benz Presents Fuel Cell Concept - Luxury Class Spaciousness | Part Two



Compact-class car boasting luxury-class spaciousness

The four-door F 600 HYGENIUS also makes a mark for itself when it comes to comfort and versatility. Despite the body's compact length of just

4348 mm, the levels of space inside are impressive, even by luxury-class standards. The distance between the front and rear seats - a useful indicator of the freedom of movement and spaciousness - measures 945 mm, and can be extended by up to a further 400 mm thanks to the sliding design of the individual rear seats. This puts the research vehicle's comfort dimensions on a par with those found in exclusive luxury saloons.

Seating concept offering families the versatility they are looking for

A host of ingenious design solutions make the F 600 HYGENIUS an ideal family car. Take the child and family-friendly design of the seats, for example: the front passenger seat and the individual seats in the rear incorporate a new technology allowing the backrest to be used either way around. The backrests can be swung forwards and reversed in such a way that ISOFIX child seats can be locked into place on the seat cushions in a rearwards-facing position. The face-to-face seating arrangement boosts safety at the same time as making it easier to attend to young children en route, with the additional fore-aft and crossways adjustment of the rear seats allowing infants to be reached easily from the nearside rear seat.

Mercedes Benz has devised a revolutionary new seat for the driver featuring a two-piece backrest cushion that follows the upper body movements and minimises the strain on the intervertebral discs, regardless of the seat position. If, for instance, the driver tilts the seat further back, the lower section of the backrest cushioning automatically pivots forwards to support the pelvic area.

Video cameras for leaving the vehicle and changing lane safely

Cameras integrated into the housings of the exterior mirrors keep an eye on traffic to the side of and behind the F 600 HYGENIUS, even when it is parked. If another car or a bicycle is approaching from behind, the system will automatically disable the doors for a brief period to avoid the risk of a collision when they are opened. Out on the road, the video system monitors the blind spot of both exterior mirrors and warns drivers about to change lane if a vehicle is approaching from behind.

Space-saving opening mechanisms for doors and tailgate

The tailgate of the F 600 HYGENIUS has a two-piece design offering maximum practicality. If space is at a premium, the tailgate's lower section is automatically folded inwards so that the tailgate swings through a much tighter arc as it opens. As this is happening, the rear bumper drops down, pulling out the floor plate of the luggage compartment at the same time to simplify loading. The front doors of the latest Mercedes research vehicle also boast a technology that is designed to make getting into and out of the vehicle as easy and convenient as possible when parked in tight spaces: the doors swing upwards at a slant, meaning that they take up less space to the side when opening than conventional car doors.

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Published 13 October 2005 Melanie Carter

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