The Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe Safety Features | Part Two

Mercedes Benz E350 CDI Coupe Rear View

Mercedes Benz E350 CDI Coupe Rear View

The well-proven assistance systems from the Mercedes Benz S-Class which help to prevent rear-end collisions are now available for the E-Class Coupe, too. They use long and short-range radar sensors to monitor the traffic situation ahead of the vehicle and warn the driver if there is a risk of an accident. Mercedes Benz combines these technologies in the DISTRONIC PLUS system; along with the proximity control system - which automatically maintains the Coupe at a set distance from the vehicle in front and can brake it to a standstill if required by the traffic situation - this comprises Brake Assist PLUS and the PRE-SAFE Brake.

Brake Assist PLUS intervenes if there is suddenly a very rapid reduction in the distance. In this situation, the system warns the driver and almost instantaneously calculates the degree of braking assistance necessary to prevent a collision. This brake force is available immediately the driver depresses the brake pedal. Depending on the speed and distance, it allows controlled braking to a defined point or - if necessary - emergency braking.

The PRE-SAFE Brake goes a step further and automatically brakes the Mercedes Benz E-Class if there is imminent danger of a collision and the driver does not react to the warnings. This can reduce the severity of an impact considerably, as the system can be regarded as something like an 'electronic crumple zone' which offers the occupants an even greater degree of safety.

With seven standard-fit airbags, belt tensioners and belt force limiters on all seats, as well as crash-responsive head restraints for the driver and front passenger, the Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe offers the most comprehensive array of safety features in this vehicle category. The range of airbags, which can deploy in thousandths of a second in an accident, comprises front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, a knee bag for the driver and window bags. Rear sidebags are available as an optional extra.

The front crumple zone has four independent impact planes which allow the forces to be distributed over a wide area while bypassing the passenger cell. Furthermore, increased use of extra-high-strength steel alloy helps the vehicle body to withstand high impact loads.

An Active Bonnet, which forms part of the standard equipment, is the latest development to result from Mercedes Benz's long-standing and successful commitment to pedestrian protection. In the event of an impact, a system of springs raises the rear section of the bonnet by 50 millimetres within a fraction of a second, thereby increasing the available deformation space. A special feature of the Mercedes system is its reversible mechanism which allows the driver to reset the Active Bonnet without having to visit a workshop.

Published 17 February 2009 Staff

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