Mazda MX-Crossport Concept | Part Three

Mazda MX-Crossport

Mazda MX-Crossport

The MX-Crossport also demonstrates how side windows are becoming an important dynamic pattern for Mazda design. In this case, the flowing roofline is complemented by a stronger beltline that boldly kicks upward as it reaches the rear wing. The strong beltline and the narrowing of the rear windows as they stretch over the rear wings is a key design element that adds to the concept’s overall sporty image.

The design also features a cabin that three-dimensionally narrows towards the rear of the vehicle, working in harmony with the narrowing window graphic.

In contrast to the narrowing cabin, the rear wings of the MX-Crossport design reach their volume peak immediately above the rear wheels. The strong rear wings complement the aggressive five-spoke wheels, which are based on a design first used by Mazda nearly a decade ago on the Koizumi-designed RX-01, a precursor to the current Mazda RX-8.

When viewed directly from the rear, the key design highlights are the compact, narrowing cabin, the rich, strong shoulders communicated by the rear wings and the round motif of the tail lamps. Also, common to the characteristics of other Mazda sports cars are the graphics of the lower bumper, including integrated exhaust system.

Attention to detail can be seen throughout the exterior design, from the integrated exhaust system to the round, cylinder motif of the headlamps and tail lamps. Even the towing hitch is retractable so it can be neatly stowed within the rear bumper housing and out of sight when not in use.

The exterior colour - a newly created colour called ‘K2 Red’ - is another important detail in completing the exterior design of the concept. The colour was carefully chosen to emphasise and communicate the image of the car. It is reflective of the famous red earth of Utah’s Monument Valley in the United States - the strong, magnificent imagery of red earth is mingled into the exterior colour and complements well the light, modern colours of the advanced interior.

Athletic And Futuristic Interior Design

The interior of the MX-Crossport design concept was developed to visually present an athletic, Zoom-Zoom theme that is similar to the exterior, with special attention placed on creating an atmosphere of quality and craftsmanship. Like all Mazda interiors, it is designed to deliver an overall environment of comfortable driving pleasure, with an emphasis on driving.

When viewed from the exterior, the cabin is small and compact, but special design measures were taken to create an interior space that is both roomy in size and modern in appearance. Key to delivering the feeling of room and space are the ‘floating’ seats; each seat is fastened to the floor with a single, centre-mounted post and adjustable via a ‘monorail’ system mounted in the floor. With generous amounts of top-quality, semi-aniline leather, a black mesh highlight line running down the centre and integrated safety belts, the seats present a modern and sporty image. Further emphasising the high tech image, as well as adding an extra visual pleasure for the rear seat passengers, the back of the front seats are aluminium and acrylic, with the well-designed mechanism of the safety belts clearly visible, not unlike the back of a high-class, mechanical wristwatch.

Additionally, when the individual rear seats are folded down, they connect neatly to the rear cargo area, providing sufficient, easy-to-access storage space.

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Published 17 December 2004 Melanie Carter

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