The Maserati GranSport | Part Two (2004)

The Maserati GranSport

Maserati GranSport

Altogether the new aerodynamic features, combined with a 10 mm reduction in ride height, result in a two-point improvement in the drag factor over the standard Coupé delivering real benefits for the driver. The Maserati GranSport offers a truly blistering drive thanks to its direct, precise steering and excellent stability at high speeds.

The traditional Maserati elegance is there too in the classic chrome grille reminiscent of the Quattroporte. The grilles over the air vents on the rear bumper are chrome, too. The Maserati GranSport’s sporty stance is completed with new 19" wheels inspired by those used on the cars in the Maserati Trofeo Championship, with the spokes forming a very attractive Trident.

400 hp V8 Engine

The Maserati GranSport’s normally aspirated 4244cc V8 engine has all the character of the most advanced racing engines with dry sump lubrication and twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank and four-valves-per-cylinder hydraulic tappets. The intake cams also feature variable phase timing.

Maximum power delivery has been upped from the original 390hp to 400hp after special development to reduce internal friction, along with work on the intake manifolds and valve seats. The engine combines with a sports exhaust system that is instantly recognisable, thanks to the unique design of its twin chrome tailpipes, designed to give enthusiasts that unmistakeable deep, full-bodied rumble. Thanks to an electronically controlled pneumatic valve system, even more can be heard from the exhaust by pressing the "Sport" button on the central console.

Cambiocorsa Transmission

The Maserati GranSport uses the Cambiocorsa six-speed electro-hydraulic transmission in which the gears are changed using paddles mounted behind the steering wheel, further enhancing the car’s sporting heritage. The Cambiocorsa system allows drivers to choose between various gear shifting modes (Normal, Sport, Automatic and Low Grip) using software developed specifically for the GranSport. In Sport mode the GranSport offers 35 per cent quicker gear changes than the Coupé and boasts automatic heeling-and-toeing to make dropping down a gear even faster. Thanks to the new Cambiocorsa software, the Maserati GranSport can sprint over a kilometre from standstill in 23 seconds flat.

The gear shift ratios are unique to the car too with the adoption of a sixth gear that is five per cent longer than the Coupé, which, in combination with its more powerful engine and improved aerodynamics, allows the Maserati GranSport to improve on the already blistering speeds of the Coupé, reaching a top speed of 290 Km/h where legally permitted.

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Published 28 February 2004 Melanie Carter

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