The 2004 Maserati Coupe | Part Three

The 2004 Maserati Coupe

Maserati Coupe

The integrated Bosch ME7.3.2 ignition and injection systems incorporate OBD II (On-Board Detection and Diagnostic System), which allows operating malfunctions in the engine control system to be detected, guaranteeing compliance with emissions limits. The new engine also meets current and future environmental protection standards. The accelerator is an electronic ‘drive-by-wire’, while the ECUs communicate with the other systems by CAN line (Controlled Area Network) to optimise engine management processes. Great attention also went into the layout of the engine bay, which combines external shielding with classic Maserati colours, such as the red camshaft covers.


The Maserati Coupé GT is equipped with a longitudinal mechanical gearbox, with six forward speeds plus reverse, triple cone synchronisers on 1st and 2nd gears, and double cones on 3rd and 4th gear ratios. To achieve the best weight distribution, the gearbox is located in-unit with the rear axle and limited-slip differential. In the Cambiocorsa version, the gearbox incorporates the entire hydraulic actuation system.

There is a rigid link between the engine and transmission, the two assemblies linked by a tubular element housing the propeller shaft. This architecture enables an ideal weight distribution between the front and rear axles to be achieved, with a front-rear split of 52%-48% respectively. The car's behaviour is therefore stable and balanced, delivering maximum traction and maximum pick-up.


Another important innovation of the transmission design is the electro-hydraulically-actuated gearbox control with computerised gear selection on the Coupé Cambiocorsa model.

The new gearbox management system brings racing technology to the Coupé driving experience, improving performance and offering the comfort and safety of an advanced automatic transmission. The Cambiocorsa does away with the clutch pedal and gear selection so that clutch engagement-disengagement is managed electronically by the control unit incorporated in the engine management system.

To ensure the best possible solution in terms of speed, ease of operation and safety under all conditions, the Cambiocorsa transmission features two paddle shifts behind the steering wheel, integral with the steering column, to change up and down. Reverse control is on a separate panel on the central tunnel.

The Maserati Cambiocorsa system is based on racing experience and gears are changed by electronic hydraulic assistance. The system consists of a hydraulic actuator mounted directly on the gearbox housing, with two distinct hydraulic actuators which manage the selection and gear engagement movement. The two actuators are controlled by a group of solenoids and are supplied with the necessary hydraulic power by an electric pump and a pressure accumulator.

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Published 22 May 2004 Melanie Carter

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