Lotus Evora Review (2012)

Lotus Evora Side/Back View (2012)

Lotus Evora Review

Lotus Evora ReviewLotus Evora Road Test

This is a very taut-feeling car with exceptional handling, maintaining what has always been a characteristic of Lotus cars.

Ride and Handling

This is a very taut-feeling car with exceptional handling, maintaining what has always been a characteristic of Lotus cars. It is immensely poised through the bends, with the feel of a road-going racing car. The steering is particularly communicative, giving very precise feedback. This car has ability way beyond the skill of most drivers, so anyone contemplating buying one would be very well advised to undergo specialist training in high performance driving technique. Lotus operates a Driver Academy to help its customers get the most out of their cars while maintaining safety.

The ride is as firm as you would expect of a sports car of this calibre. Speed humps are a bit more of an ordeal than in most cars, and you are certainly aware of rough spots in the road surface, and will want to avoid potholes. But the damping is effective in dealing with all the normal surface undulations, and the Evora rides firmly but not brutally.

Ease of Use

This is not a car you would choose for its practicality. Low-slung with floor-hugging bodywork and a cocooning cockpit, it has all the inevitable sports car inconvenience of awkward access, very snug seating and relative lack of stowage. The boot, situated at the front of the car, will accommodate just 160 litres, barely enough for a couple of small weekend cases.

The 2+2 seating configuration gives just enough room in the back for a couple of small and probably very excited children, but it is more practical as extra stowage room, as there is not much other space around the cabin to carry your paraphernalia. A big criticism of early Evoras was the cabin quality, in particular the poor design of the dashboard and instrumentation. That has now been improved, and the legibility of the dials is now much better, but it is still not top-notch for ease-of-use.

The Evora’s one big flaw is its rearward vision. There is hardly any, just a slit of a view across the top of the engine as you look in the rear-view mirror. The car’s rear flanks stick out far enough to impose into the rear view via the door mirrors, so you need to keep your wits about you, and reverse-parking into a confined space is tricky.

6 April 2012 Sue Baker
Lotus Evora ReviewLotus Evora Road Test

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