Land Rover Support Ecosalvage Environmental Task Force

Land Rover is supporting a new environmental task force that has been established to fight the growing threat of illegally dumped waste.

Ecosalvage (UK) was founded in 2002 by leading expedition company Max Adventure following its stark realisation that an estimated 60,000 tons of waste and 700,000 cars are now dumped in the UK each year.

With this increase in fly tipping and vehicle abandonment, a genuine need has arisen for the specialist recovery and disposal of material from inaccessible locations – such as farmland, conservation areas and beauty spots – where waste is literally scarring the landscape.

Ecosalvage founder Mac Mackenney said: "Whilst most local councils have the capability to deal with vehicles and waste dumped at the roadside, they lack the funding, equipment and expertise needed to save environmentally sensitive areas from irreparable damage.

"At Max Adventure we have the necessary expertise and now, thanks to Land Rover, Ecosalvage has the best vehicles available with which to start reclaiming the countryside."

Abandoned vehicles in inaccessible areas ‘bleed’ toxins – including fuel, oil, antifreeze, battery acid and hydraulic fluid – into the ground as they rust and fall apart, posing a serious environmental hazard to surrounding watercourses, wildlife and children.

Land Rover UK managing director, Mike Wright, added: "With more than two-thirds of all Land Rovers manufactured since 1948 still on the roads today, our support for Ecosalvage (UK) reaffirms the company’s commitment to preserving the environment for future generations through the Fragile Earth policy. This sponsorship will work alongside our global conservation interests to ensure we continue to make a real difference both at home and overseas."

Instances of fly tipping and abandoned vehicles should be reported to either the local council or to the Ecosalvage website ( ) so that they can be retrieved in an environmentally friendly manner and disposed of safely.

Published 16 February 2003 Melanie Carter

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