Fuel Saving With The Kia Range

Kia pro_cee’d

Kia pro_cee’d

As the recession deepens and the cost of car ownership continues to rise, motorists around the country are beginning to look for quick and easy ways in which they can save money when it comes to their car, and in particular, their driving habits.

The way we drive can have a massive impact on our car's fuel consumption levels and implementing a few simple changes can be all it takes to save those precious pennies. Follow these tips on economical driving from Steve Kitson, at Kia Motors to cut the cost of driving and pocket the change:

  • Drivers should regularly service their car to ensure it is in tip top condition. Factors such as tyre pressure and engine oil can affect the level of fuel efficiency.
  • Driving smoothly, accelerating gently and sticking to the speed limit will keep fuel consumption low. If you look further ahead and anticipate traffic you won't have to do so much braking.
  • Try to avoid stopping and starting as it increases the level of fuel consumption. Be gentle with the pedals!
  • Cut fuel wastage by avoiding leaving the car running unnecessarily before a journey and planning the shortest route beforehand.
  • Avoid using air conditioning when travelling below 30 miles an hour - just open the window instead, you'll be surprised how much fuel that can save.

As well as saving money, economical driving can also help the environment. Kia's Picanto, Rio, cee'd and pro_cee'd models all offer drivers reduced emissions. All four ranges now have models in the sub 120g VED Band B, resulting in a saving of up to £85 a year on tax and offer 60mpg meaning further between fill-ups too.

Kia has done this by introducing four seats to all Picanto models, reducing the overall weight of the car and in turn reducing CO2 emissions to as low as 117g/km. This makes Kia's smallest car not just kind to the environment but kind on your wallet too.

Kia has reduced emissions on diesel engines in the Kia Rio, Kia cee;d and pro_cee'd models, taking them into Band B and just £35 VED - a tax saving of £85 from the previous £120 a year. Couple this with Kia's unique seven-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty and you'll be stuck for excuses not to buy from the Kia cee'd range!

And there's more. Kia's new ISG (Idle Stop & Go) system will be available on Kia cee'd petrol models by the end of this year. The innovative 'eco-friendly technology automatically switches the engine off - when the car is stopped in heavy traffic - and on again when traffic moves, cutting fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15 per cent in typical city driving conditions. The complete Kia eco_cee'd package also boasts improved aerodynamics, upgraded engine electronics, low rolling resistance tyres and regenerative braking - all helping to reduce the environmental impact of motoring.

Kia also plans to introduce Hybrid versions of Kia Rio, Kia cee'd and Kia Soul to the UK soon.

Published 20 March 2009 Staff

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