Infiniti EX37: The World’s Most Powerful Compact Crossover | Part Three

Infiniti EX37

Infiniti EX37

The EX37 is powered by a new 3.7-litre version of VQ engine family. Regularly honoured in independent awards the world over, the twin cam 24 valve V6 produces over 310PS and an impressive over 350Nm of torque.

Among its many features, the lightweight aluminium engine features a bed-plate construction. A technique that has been used in motor racing for many years, the resulting two-part construction of the cylinder block is more rigid than a single piece casting. Among engine specialists, this configuration signifies a high-performance sporting engine which is uncompromisingly designed for the highest strength and reliability.

Other benefits include reduced vibration levels and higher engine speeds to be reached consistently without damage.

The VQ37 unit also features V-VEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) technology to optimise efficiency and, in turn, the balance between power, response, fuel efficiency and emissions.

V-VEL continually alters valve lift and therefore the quantity of air in the combustion chamber. At partial throttle – in stop-go city traffic, for example – it will make a small lift thus achieving a more precise fuel/air mix with lower quantities of both to improve fuel consumption. At full throttle, the valve lift is greater, inducting a larger quantity of air into the combustion chamber.

The result is a more powerful combustion phase increasing torque and power… while the increase in power is balanced by more efficient combustion to the benefit of fuel economy.

Precise mapping of the ECU, meanwhile, helps the engine provide a progressive ‘swell’ of power and torque, providing a ‘building wave’ of acceleration rather than a peaky power delivery.

EX37 will be available with a new seven-speed automatic option with Adaptive Shift Control (ASC).

With its additional forward gear, the new automatic transmission has a wider spread of ratios which benefits both fuel consumption and drivability. The seventh speed is effectively an overdrive ratio, returning improved fuel economy on a steady throttle without compromising in-gear flexibility for overtaking.

Shift points are tuned to keep the engine in the largest part of the torque curve, ensuring there is always a healthy reserve when the driver wants to overtake. The linked ASC system switches between three different programs depending on input from the major control systems throughout the car. The seven-speed automatic transmission also features a manual mode with blip control to enhance the driver’s driving pleasure.

Interior Environment

Inside EX37 is an environment designed to appeal to driver and passengers alike. Quality materials provide the warmth and comfort expected in a luxury saloon, yet the driver’s quarters have a ‘scooped-out’ design to emphasise the concept of a cockpit in direct contrast to the open, spacious design of the passenger area.

Uniquely in its class, EX37 eases the loading and unloading of luggage with electric fold down rear seats. Each portion of the split folding backrest can be lowered simply by pulling a lever in the rear of the trunk area.

And even more easily, the backrest can raised electrically by pressing a button on the centre console. Load space is enhanced by a 45-litre underfloor storage compartment. This area is reduced if the Bose premium sound system is specified or the vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel in place of the standard inflation kit.

Standard and optional equipment

EX37 offers a full complement of standard equipment and features the Infiniti I-Key with smart access. As soon as the vehicle identifies a pre-programmed I-Key in the vicinity, the door can be opened and the car started without the key needing to leave a pocket or handbag.

Also standard are privacy glass, a six-disc, seven speaker CD audio system, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, cruise control, power seats, auto-dimming rear view mirror, front and rear parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, 18-inch alloy wheels, six airbags (featuring thorax and pelvis protection) and integrated fog lamps. The leather trimmed steering wheel incorporates controls for the audio system, cruise control and telephone.

Unique to Infiniti is the use of “Scratch Shield” paint. A special highly elastic resin has been combined with a conventional clearcoat to increase the paint’s flexibility.

A car painted with “Scratch Shield” paint can exhibit up to five times fewer scratches that a conventional clearcoat when exposed to the same conditions. When exposed to heat, “Scratch Shield” paint repairs fine scratches, restoring painted surfaces close to their original state.

Optional on EX37 are a full leather version (offering leather heated seats, power passenger seat) and a Multimedia pack (with satellite navigation, a rear view parking camera, voice recognition and Bose Premium sound). A unique feature in the full leather version is the extendable jacket hanger integrated into the back of the driver head rest. Also, this version allows personal settings for the driver’s seat, steering wheel and exterior mirrors to be programmed into the key so that the key holder won’t have to reposition anything if the car has been driven by anyone else.

The Bose sound system is custom-engineered specifically for the EX37 to help reproduce music with clarity and spaciousness. Because it’s designed to work together with the EX37’s unique cabin acoustics, the Bose system delivers a level of music reproduction that approaches that of a live concert.

Also available are an adaptive front-light system (AFS) and Intelligent Cruise Control operating in “Full Speed Range”. In AFS, the xenon headlamps are linked to steering inputs and automatically follow the path of the front wheels to provide a wide spread of light around corners and on winding roads. ICC uses brake, throttle and laser sensors to help maintain a set distance between EX37 and the car in front. The software allows ICC to work from 0km/h thanks to the “Full Speed Range” feature.

But it is the final option that really lifts EX above its rivals. The Around View Monitor uses small cameras mounted at the front, rear and on the sides of EX37 to project an all-round view of potential obstacles on every side of the vehicle. A natural extension of Infiniti’s rear view parking camera, the Around View Monitor uses the colour sat nav monitor to display a bird’s eye view of the car as it parks, enabling the driver to negotiate a tight parking spot with mishap.


“EX is a refreshing new take on the crossover concept. By blending coupé looks with SUV ability and sports estate practicality, it really does create a totally new breed of car. Add in excellent driving dynamics, superb quality and innovative features and the result is engaging, elegant and exciting,” says Nicolas Tschann, Product Manager, Infiniti Europe

Published 25 February 2008 Melanie Carter

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