Another 'Green' Honda Development

As well as building environmentally-friendly ‘cars of the future’ like the hydrogen-powered fuel cell car, the FCX, Honda has been working hard on alternative energy sources for the home.

Honda R&D Americas Inc. has just unveiled the Home Energy Station III, which provides heat and electricity for your house, as well as fuel for a hydrogen-powered vehicle. Could this be the beginning of the end for the traditional filling station?

The Home Energy Station uses natural gas as its base energy source and is designed to work in a home-based refuelling environment. It creates enough hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle - such as the Honda FCX - for a day, while providing electricity for an average-sized household.

If there is a power failure - in an emergency situation for example - the Home Energy Station can also function as a back-up power source, using hydrogen stored in tanks to power the internal fuel cell.

“The third generation of Honda’s Home Energy Station continues to push the limits with its innovative technology,” says Ben Knight, vice president of Honda R&D Americas. “The combination of home energy generation and home refuelling offers an attractive alternative to gasoline and takes us one step closer to a truly viable hydrogen-based transportation system.”

Published 22 November 2005 Melanie Carter

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