The Panda Family Now Includes A Hydrogen Version

Panda Hydrogen


The revolutionary Hydrogen confirms one winning feature of the New Panda: the flexibility of its design. The model allows a wealth of possibilities for producing new cars on the same base. The five door first seen in Lisbon was simply the forerunner of the Panda family, a range that is destined to grow and grow over the next few years. Suffice it to say, you can already buy a Panda Van, while a small sporty off-road version was presented at the Frankfurt motor show. A 4x4 version is also in the pipeline.

This strong design is therefore capable of swift development, a car whose original styling conveys an immediate impression of dynamism. Once you climb aboard, the same car conveys all the practicality and comfort of a higher category car. This is the soul of the new supermini that has collected more than 70,000 orders in Europe since its launch.

The new arrival at Fiat is the most advanced current response to people who want a car with compact exterior dimensions that is equipped with all the comforts that bigger cars have led us to expect; designed for low fuel consumption but no less of a lively performer; ideal in town traffic but still perfect over longer trips, always able to assure its occupants a relaxed drive. A model that offers four different motoring experiences that make the car unique.

Firstly, the new model is flexible and practical. Its attributes of roominess and ergonomics, for example, set it at the top of its category while the extensive range offers everyone the version that best meets their needs.

Style and character. Evident from an original, dynamic shape that makes it look for all the world like a small SUV. Plus new design interiors that confirm the impression of great quality that the model conveys at first glance. An appealing car that may be customised with the wide array of accessories on offer.

Technology and innovation are the key words that define the third New Panda experience. Hence the new car comes with engines that are lively performers but decidedly thrifty when it comes to fuel consumption (the results are among the best in the car's category) and represent an effective solution in and out of town. Pride of place goes to the 70 bhp 1.3 16v Multijet engine, the best automotive engineering can offer in the small turbodiesel field. These power units are combined with reliable, innovative gearboxes such as the Dualogic. The new Fiat city car is also one of the safest superminis in its category. The credit goes to the many sophisticated devices and systems adopted to ensure preventive, active and passive safety. Not to mention the fact that once you climb aboard, you discover the great pleasure of driving and travelling due above all to the automatic air conditioner and Skydome sun-roof.

Lastly, the New Panda is a car of substance and quality. It was created using robust design technology for which Fiat deployed its best resources and most sophisticated procedures. The result is a reliable, top-quality car that boasts exclusive equipment within the safety and comfort field. For example, the body's torsional rigidity is one of the best in its segment (70,500 daNm/rad), while the New Panda is the only car in its category with 99% of its interior surface covered by trim. And more. The new supermini has passed the toughest tests to ensure maximum protection of driver and passengers.

All these features make the New Panda a fun pint-sized car that also represents fantastic value for money with its winning package of features, running costs and resale value.

Published 25 October 2003 Melanie Carter

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